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  1. AGREED! they look like something to translate to me!
  2. looks awesome though dude!! painful is the price lol!! a dang good one!!
  3. i feel more of a family friend to zepp now i have joined the forums...
  4. yea why cant they just stick to JP-Jimmy page JPJ-jonesy RP-robert and JB-bonzo? doesnt make any since.
  5. me when i was listening to led zeppelin
  6. im from south carolina....my real father(dead) was from London (born and raised) and my mother is from here! :D:D
  7. isn't that awesome!? imma look for the kashmir tune :Ddundun dundundun
  8. I bet they would do anything to try and make the Bonham family feel better.
  9. LOL same here i have the "how the west was won" 3 disk live version
  10. yes i think it would be STH but rock n roll comes first sometimes...maybe they have changed it around a bit
  11. I agree 100%!!!! He sounds like he could be a great cover drummer for him...but anyway..its in his genes!
  12. awesome picture they dont look like they were gettin any older!! LEP for ever!
  13. dude im so with you!! black dog pwns!!!! ah ha momma when you shake that thing gunna make you sweat gunna make you sting!
  14. Whats your favorite song form the live version of "How the west was won"? Mine:Rn'R...duh!
  15. yea bro. please. i will have what hes having!*burps* ahh i love that song!!!
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