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  1. I'm on my fifth pinot here in New York. What's good in the UK? sorry, late reply.
  2. Yeah! Sorry! You got me on that one! See what that boxed wine does to you? The News is the only way I can get any decent hockey news.
  3. Reminds me of the scene in Imagine, where they find the guy camping out in Lennon's garden. Can't recall the exact quote, but something along the lines of (paraphrasing) "don't take them too seriously". However, I like to think that when someone writes "silly" stuff, his subliminal mind is working. So in that respect, the lyrics are fascinating.
  4. And for those of us from the tri state area, and New Orleans, DON'T FORGET ZEBRA!
  5. It still rocks better then a Ramones song, it still makes you want to put down the windows and blast the radio. And it still sounds damm good!
  6. Please do tell, I love hidden things, and I"ll confess, I"ve never been up on all the hidden Zep goodies.
  7. I was at Circuit City in Palisades Mall at eight this morning, and they had NO DVD's, the ijit helping me couldn't find it in the computer, then I found the CD in the Latin Music section, and I paid full price. The ijit claimed the sale ended Friday . Whatever, I don't mind paying full price for a quality release like this. But just be prepared to be screwed or pissed off. That's the state of music retail these days. I'm dreaming of the day I get the DVD.............
  8. It seems like buying Zep CD's is like buying computers, it's up to date for a while, then it's hopelessly out of style. (Bad wording, but, it's late "in the evening", sorry)
  9. If it's not owned by Rupert Murdoch, I'd be surprised, like the Daily News here in America, a paper to embarrase and humiliate, rather then report. I'm sure many of us saw Plant recently on Soundstage, he doesn't hide the fact that his voice can't reach the high notes, hence the quite interesting rearrangements.
  10. And there are many more Christmases to come!
  11. That would be awesome! And it would be a great "welcome back" to Jones, right?
  12. Yes it does, it sounds like the perfect sounding disk to play outside on the boombox at a BBQ. There are times when less range is better I suppose............
  13. Has anyone noticed how pathetic releases have become? I remember the vinyl days when EVERYONE had it the first day. Obviously Best Buy doesn't really care. When the Unledded came out, I went there the night of the release, and waited 15 minutes while the clerk went back and looked for it. sheeeeesh..................
  14. I think the question gets answered by the continuous interest in the band. They can still put out compilations with nothing new, and sell huge numbers. They reunite, and look at the number of requests! That alone makes a big case for being the best band of all time. The universal appeal of this band is awesome. Any country would have fans clammering for tickets if they toured. Unfortunately, as much as I'm a Queen fan, they lost the U.S. in a way. Had Zep stayed together, I think they would have continued with the success. Some say this is debatible, since a death seems to make an artist or ba
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