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    I have played the drums on and off for 30 years. My favorite group is Rush and then Led Zeppelin. I am really hoping for a chance to see Led Zeppelin live. I saw Jimmy Page and Page & Plant. I want to see the Real Deal even if they are a little seasoned.
  1. I have a set of PDP's and I love the sound. The best drums that I have ever owned. Link
  2. When I went to the Page & Plant Show in Atlanta GA, Feb 28th. & March 1st.1995. I have a clear recollection that 100 seats per show were sold on the lower level beside the stage for the purpose of recording. The rules were something relaxed stating something to the effect " Bring all you can carry on your person. Those are the only shows that I have ever attended and that was allowed. Is part of that deal is that you can't sell the recordings? I sure would like to buy or trade for some of that video that was taken. Any help with this I would appreciate.
  3. I think I am going swimming too. No beer tonight since I work night shift. Let me throw in something about Led Zep. The may issue of Uncut has a great interview with the 3 remaining members. Have you seen it yet?
  4. Yes I was being sarcastic. The sarcasim was directed at supraphonic. That was the post that followed mine that seemed to be sarcastic in it's on way. I will go have a beer now. Hey Evster2012 are you supraphonic too? Just asking and no big deal.
  5. I want to personally apologize for that post, to you supraphonic. It was my error, that I thought I was contributing to a discussion about music. After reviewing all the posts you have made, I get a clearer picture as to what YOU EXPECT from members of this board.
  6. I like John & Jason's style of drumming for Rock & Roll jamming. Some fans like double bass drumming for the speed. I ike the different styles demonstrated by different drummers. I suppose if you like double bass drumming and that is it try doing this. BTW I do not like the drum solo overall but it is entertaining how fast this guy can play. I think his name is Derek Roddy? Link
  7. The Rolling Stone had a piece about it. Pay close attention to the last 6 words. Link U2, Madonna and Led Zeppelin are among the artists tapped to participate in a series of international concerts by World Peace One, a not-for-profit world peace group. The shows would begin May 17th, though no acts have been confirmed.
  8. Gotta love the reference " Lead Zep " ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Could Led Zeppelin be part of half time show in Super Bowl 2009 as reunion tour gears up? February 13, 2008 If you're new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Interested in writing for us? Click here. Also join us at for contests and further news. Thanks for visiting! Could Led Zeppelin be part of half time show in Super Bowl 2009 as reunion tour gears up? A guy predicted this. It would not surprise me if Led Zep would accept an offer like this. Superbowl does have one of the largest events throughout the US. He wrote: Writing the headline for yesterday’s Bonnaroo lineup announcement, I got to thinking. Hmmm… Robert Plant, no Led Zeppelin… yet. No, despite all the rumors that went around after the band (singer, Robert Plant, guitarist Jimmy Page, bassist John Paul Jones, and original drummer John Bonham’s son Jason) played a single reunion show in London, they will not follow in the footsteps of the also recently reunited Police and play a 700-acre field in Manchester, Tennessee. But maybe, they WILL play a field next year. In September, lead Zep Robert Plant told Brit music pub Uncut (rehashed domestically by MTV) that the band wouldn’t tour. But last month Page insinuated otherwise to Reuters. Admitting that Plant’s priority right now is touring with album co-star Alison Krauss (with whom he’ll appear at ‘Roo), Page seems to think there’s still a chance at taking the act back on the road. So let’s say they tour late in the year. They could go out with a biggest possible bang by playing, what else, the Super Bowl half-time show! Germain claims this occurred to him on Sunday (yeah, sure!) and another newsroom peanut gallery member claims “now THAT would make me watch the Super Bowl.” Link
  9. Associated Press gets it wrong!! Associated Press Link Led Zeppelin Heads Bonnaroo Lineup 12 hours ago NEW YORK (AP) — The reunited Led Zeppelin will headline the 2008 Bonnaroo Arts and Music Festival, concert organizers announced Wednesday. Led Zeppelin, who reconvened for a single December concert in London, had for months been rumored to be heading to Bonnaroo, which will be held Jun 13-15 on a 700-acre farm in Manchester, Tenn. Confirmation of Led Zeppelin's Bonnaroo performance was sure to stoke further speculation on a possible reunion tour. Last week, guitarist Jimmy Page said he was eager to tour with singer Robert Plant and bassist-keyboardist John Paul Jones. (Jason Bonham, son of late drummer John Bonham, has joined on drums.) Plant will also perform at Bonnaroo with bluegrass star Alison Krauss, with whom he made the hit duet album, "Raising Sand." Led Zeppelin recently released "Mothership," a two-disc compilation. Also scheduled to perform are Metallica, Pearl Jam, Jack Johnson, Kanye West, My Morning Jacket, Willie Nelson, B.B. King, Phil Lesh and Friends, Sigur Ros, the Raconteurs, Against Me! and Death Cab for Cutie. A lineup of comedians performing in the festival's "Comedy Tent" will include Zach Galifianakis, David Cross, Janeane Garofalo, Jim Norton, Mike Birbiglia and Brian Posehn. Tickets to the seventh annual festival go on sale Feb. 16. More acts will be announced later, with an expected total of over 100 bands. Here is the deal.!! Ah, but a closer look at the press release reveals that it's Lez Zeppelin, the all-female Zep tribute band, not Led Zeppelin!! UH!!!!!! Link Zeppelin booked to play Bonnaroo! (Well, sorta...) Feb 6, 2008, 12:00 AM | by Gary Susman Categories: Music Woo-hoo! "ZEPPELIN CONFIRMED," according to the press release announcing this year's Bonnaroo lineup. Makes sense that the long-rumored reunion tour might start at the June 12-15 music festival, especially since unlikely-but-terrific duet team Robert Plant and Alison Krauss (pictured) are already booked. Ah, but a closer look at the press release reveals that it's Lez Zeppelin, the all-female Zep tribute band, not Led Zeppelin, that's confirmed to perform in Manchester, Tenn. D'oh! Still, looks like there's something to please everyone in this year's Bonnaroo lineup, from Kanye West to Pearl Jam, from Death Cab to Vampire Weekend, from Willie Nelson to B.B. King, from Metallica to Sigur Ros. There's also a comedy tent, with Janeane Garofalo, Zach Galifianakis, and a nightly talk show hosted by the much-easier-to-spell David Cross. Tix go on sale Saturday exclusively at the Bonnaroo website. So, how many of you are going? Who are you most looking forward to seeing? Think that, as long as Plant's there, the real Led Zeppelin might show up anyway? Does anybody remember laughter?
  10. Thu 02/21/08 Temecula, CA Pechanga Resort & Casino Fri 02/22/08 Temecula, CA Pechanga Resort & Casino Fri, 03/14/08 06:00 PM Wildhorse Saloon Nashville, TN Fri 03/28/08 Coquitlam, BC Red Robinson Theatre Sat 03/29/08 Coquitlam, BC Red Robinson Theatre Fri 05/23/08 Santa Rosa, CA Wells Fargo Center For The Arts He would bail. He did for the Reunion Show and that was just a one nighter!
  11. I think drummers use several sets of sticks per show.
  12. Link Is this part of the article true? " Zep's very first performance on American soil was in Denver opening for Vanilla Fudge"
  13. Led Zeppelin’s reunion concert at the O2 Arena in London has been crowned the hottest event of 2007. The concert, which saw the veteran band play together for the first time since 1988, beat sporting events and Barbara Streisand to the top spot. “Last year's must-see event was undoubtedly Led Zeppelin's comeback concert at London's O2 Arena, with fans desperate to get their hands on a ticket,” said Joe Cohen, CEO of Seatwave, an online fan-to-fan ticket exchange. Cohen said that the average price paid for Led Zeppelin tickets via Seatwave was £7,525, with one fan paying £7,425. Original tickets for the concert cost £125 each and were allocated via a ballot system which attracted over 1 million applicants. Cohen said that the price of tickets showed that the secondary market was “increasingly becoming a great indicator of an event's popularity.” Link
  14. 01/08/08 09:38:06 Led Zeppelin Fans Spend Thousands To See Band Fans of rockers Led Zeppelin paid an average of $14,850 for tickets to their reunion show, according to a new report. The band reunited for a one-off gig at London's O2 arena last month, and fans were desperate to attend the performance, whatever the cost. The tickets, which sold for $14,850, originally held a face value of $250, reports ticket reseller Seatwave.com. Link
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