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  1. Yes they owe us. Then came “Black Dog,” a classic by Led Zeppelin, Mr. Plant’s old band. Arranged in a minor key for banjo, acoustic bass and guitar, it felt muted but menacing, especially as both singers arced their voices upward with a harmonized “ah,” just before an instrumental squall. Mr. Plant and Ms. Krauss http://graphics8.nytimes.com/images/2008/0...c/plant.600.jpg He plays Led Zepp with her but not is buds. Please, He owes us. Robert Plant sucks if he doesn't do a tour with his band Led Zepp in the near future. BD
  2. Thats more like it. I've decide that not only do the owe us a tour but they need to do it for free. To date, the group is reported to have sold more than 300 million albums worldwide, including 109.5 million sales in the United States. They can do it for free. They can call it the "Thank You" tour. Very deluded, BD
  3. Jason is the man for the job. So I say. BinaryDeath
  4. I think you get it rokarolla. This is my place to wine about wanting a tour and the people that stand in our way "Robert". I think deep inside everyone is in denial and agrees with me or maybe just rokarolla. egocentric, BD
  5. Great write up. Thanks. Not sure how I missed it. Humbly, BD
  6. If I was Jimmy - Robert wouldn't care about this forum or read it. So why would I waste my time? BD
  7. BinaryDeath is not only on the grass but its a way of life. Looney me, BD P.S. They owe us. Simply because I say so. Robert is the only holdout. He's holding this idea up. Him only. Not the fans, not the band, and not my ranting.
  8. They do owe us. They tease us with a song here and show there. This is cruel. Just give us one more for the road and stop this Chinese water torture. Everyone wants it and this may be the last chance to do it. The owe us some love. Regards, BD
  9. So are you saying This is Led Zep or not? BD P.S. Thanks on the title thing.
  10. Indeed Jason has done John proud! BD P.S. Robert: tour and I'll forgive you for not doing it sooner.
  11. Just saw another vid. Jason is one of them. He completes them. I'd pay. BD
  12. Good point. I'd need at least $4.50. Thanks for the reality check. BD P.S. Robert I'll buy the coffee if you tour. My treat.
  13. I'll die knowing I tried. But if others see them with one last tour it would be enough for me. I could always play their songs with my band. That and 50 cent I could get a cup of coffee. Thanks for asking. BD
  14. Cosmic perversity. Now thats what I'm talking about. They owe us a tour. BD P.S. Come on Robert. Show us some love.
  15. After seeing the videos of o2 I have to say Jason is as good if not better than Dad. The DNA does remain the same! BD
  16. After seeing the videos of o2 I have to say Jason is as good if not better than Dad. The DNA does remain the same! BD
  17. Finally someone who sees it my way. So far so good. waiting for my call, BD
  18. I'm with you. I do think he more than fills the shoes. He adds a new flare. LZ in a new tangent in a good way. He might make it more relavent. BD
  19. Now you have me all depressed. Very good point though about the "corporate" types. On the tour thing I am pushy about it but that's my way. Sorry about that. Not that it matters. By the way, I'll be out of the way next week I'm out of pocket so you don't have to listen to me drone on. BD
  20. I'm with Jimmy on this one. I really don't care how long he naps. The guys are looking good on the cover stories. Well rested and ready to go. So I say they should. 50 million to 1 on the tour question. My guess is you want a tour to. Just not the way I put it. BD P.S. Robert Please. Now I'm begging not demanding.
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