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    I've got lots of them.. Music, Art, Naval History, Nature, The Beach, the human mind. I'm a big conversationalist.

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  1. *eviljane*

    Beautiful Men.

    I always thought that James Franco had his bone structure.
  2. *eviljane*

    What are you listening too

    Migra-Carlos Santana
  3. *eviljane*

    Hot Pics of Robert

    I had almost a hundred pictures of Robert alone that I lost when my computer crashed. This is my place to get an eye full now.
  4. *eviljane*

    Economic Stimulus?

    The money would alleviate quite chunk of stress on individuals. With what some people owe 7,000 wouldn't do much, but it make a decent dent for most people. Well for me its no question on where the money would go. I have always wanted to get rid of my glasses, so my choice is laser eye surgery. I know you are thinking contacts, but i'm allergic to the plastic. go figure. Anyway TypeO that cruise sounds like a good idea also!
  5. *eviljane*


    I was too young in the 80's to see their concerts, but I always enjoyed Me in Honey and Shiny Happy People.
  6. *eviljane*

    Who is your fav tele or film Character?

    I'm a Hyper Hypo.
  7. I know its way late, but thanks for the little hello. I'm bad at checking my page.

  8. Sorry for the late comment, but I don't check in here very much.

    P.S. Thanks for the sweet comment :)

  9. *eviljane*

    Who is your fav tele or film Character?

    I gave this alot of thought and these are guys I can always watch, and never loose interest Johnny Depp Jack Nicholson Tom Hanks Heath Ledger I never watched alot of TV Series, but Monty Python's flying Circus, and the Red Dwarf series. Which were both on the BBC network
  10. *eviljane*

    Fav Music Films

    The Blues Brothers- I'm a sucker for it The Doors-Val Kilmer was incredible as Jim
  11. *eviljane*

    What's Your Favourite Christmas Song?

    I could throw up after hearing the same handful of songs over and over at work, but I still don't mind Sleigh Ride Winter Wonderland Song of the Bells- original or Trans Siberian Orchestra
  12. *eviljane*

    The Next President of the USA will be?

    I was not thought of yet as well, and I can't say much about Kennedy because of that. I just have always heard what a charismatic and sensible man he was.
  13. *eviljane*

    The Next President of the USA will be?

    I don't mean hes exactly like him. You get a genuine feeling from him when he speaks. He sounds like he truly cares, and will try to make things better. I don't know what will happen, but I hope its for the good.
  14. *eviljane*

    your favorite book.. of all the time

    I'm currently making my way through Stephen King's Dreamcatcher. Its a bit gorey in some parts, but entertaing. My favorite by far is the Lord of The Rings series. I sit down to read those every year because it envelopes you in the emotions everyone goes through in the story to point wear you feel like you are taking the journey as well. I feel like I could cry every time I reach the end and everyone must go their seperate ways now that peace is restored.
  15. *eviljane*

    The Next President of the USA will be?

    I felt there was actually hope for us yet when I heard his speech. He reminds me of kennedy.