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    Other artists/bands I like include Yes, Jeff Beck, Steve Winwood, Pink Floyd, Fleetwood Mac, and U2. I have other interests besides music as well.
  1. I don't know why Robert Plant had tears. However, just because a person has tears in their eyes, doesn't mean the person is crying. Though I saw tears in his eyes, I did not see any other signs of emotion on his face such as a lump in the throat or a quivering lip or the breaking or cracking of the face which are often a part of crying. There are many reasons why tears come to a person's eyes, and tears are not always due to emotion. However, I refrain from speculating because I know I am in no position to speak for Robert Plant. I can only speak for myself. Speaking for myself, there have been times I have been brought to tears when even I did not know why myself. More than once, weddings have proven to be the occasion for such an outburst. I say weddings, not funerals, because one can reasonably expect to see people crying at funerals because they're grieving. But weddings are supposed to be happy occasions (which just goes to show you that people can cry when they are happy). I cried at my sister's wedding and I wasn't happy about doing so because it happened just as she was walking down the aisle and I was her maid of honor so I had just walked down the aisle myself and stood in front of all the wedding guests and truly believed that this was not a time for me to get emotional. I didn't want mascara running down my face at a time like that and I didn't want to draw attention away from the bride either, but it overcame me and it was like a surprise. I have found myself brought to tears at other weddings I have attended, and when it happened, I was glad to be among the guests. I have shared my experience with other women who confessed to me they were brought to tears at weddings (always happens when the bride walks down the aisle and rarely at any other time), and often did not know why we were crying; albeit, some women admit they always cry at weddings. Other than weddings, tne only other time I cried when I wasn't sad was when I underwent a very minor surgical procedure where the surgeon administered to me a mind-wandering drug to put me under, and upon waking up, I began crying. A nurse noticed me crying and came up to me, and I apologized saying, "I don't know why I am crying." The nurse told me that it was the mind-wandering drug they used to put me under; that it sometimes has that effect on patients when they wake up. It makes then cry. There are times, however, tears came to my eyes because I was laughing. Tears have also come to my eyes because of smog or dust in the air. Heating and air-conditioning vents often have a lot of dust which can make eyes water. Now I am not saying that Robert Plant didn't have reason to be emotional. I am just saying that other than a show of tears, I saw nothing else which indicated to me he was crying. I wouldn't blame him if he did cry. He could have cried all he wanted to as far as I'm concerned, but I honestly did not see that. I saw a tear. That's all.
  2. With Valentine's Day coming this month, I have a serious Stairway question which I decided to post here instead of the trivia thread because I honestly don't know the answer and my intention is not challenge but rather to find an answer. I honestly don't know the answer. Please help if you can. Question: What type of recorder was played by John Paul Jones on Stairway to Heaven? I supposed only JPJ would actually know this but if there are any musicians who may know, please help. Also, if there are any insiders in the JPJ camp who know, please help. It is my understanding that the wind instrument played in the opening bars of Stairway to Heaven is a recorder. JPJ plays both parts; one of which is dubbed. I understand that for anyone to know this beyond a shadow of a doubt, one would have had to have been there, and then know what type of recorder it was, and then be able to remember. If anyone has access to John Paul Jones, please ask and post his answer here. Thank you.
  3. I agree with you. I think you are correct in all you are saying. However, I must admit that even so, in all fairness I will say that weslgarlic really isn't totally wrong either. I just have never heard it said with regard to Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath. At the same time, I really don't believe one can compare the two "quality wise" because it presents the question of what standard do you use to measure quality. I believe sales figures are a more concrete measure of comparison, and though Black Sabbath has sold over 15 million records in the United States and 70 million worldwide, Led Zeppelin still outsells Black Sabbath. I believe Black Sabbath album sales are roughly one-third of Led Zeppelin's. I also believe that had both LZ and Sabbath believed they had good enough reason to schedule a release and tour to coincide with each other, they could have done so. Lastly, what you say about Paranoid/II is what I have heard often from Led Zeppelin fans I have known. For this reason, I never became that familiar with Black Sabbath's music, nor Ozzy's solo venture.
  4. It sounded like the topic was about any song, not just a Led Zep.
  5. Not bad. I could listen to that one again. Made me think of Achilles' Last Stand, which I think is as close as Led Zeppelin ever got to progressive. They may have not been as successful as they would have liked to have been, but the sad truth is there are so many bands who never made it. Thanks again, Ady!
  6. Cool topic! Can't think of any off the top of my head right now. Seems to me Unplugged gave most artists a reason to come up with acoustic versions of their songs. One may have to dig further back in history to find an acoustic song that was later performed electric. That could be before my time for sure. --Oh, wait! Wait! It's coming to me now. How about "Crossroads"?
  7. Thank you. This was very jazzy! The reason why I asked for a jazz influence is because finding rock and roll with a blues-based influence is easy to come by, much easier because its far more common that rock and roll influenced by other forms of music. In fact, I read somewhere how 85 to 90 percent of rock and roll is blues-based. Thank you, again.
  8. Thanks. I enjoyed that. Especially the keyboard solo.
  9. Give an example of jazz influence. Name one or more Black Sabbath songs that are influenced by jazz.
  10. I honestly have never heard of any band who released their albums according to what the competition was releasing. I would like Mr. Garlic to present his resources to back up his statement. Furthermore, I am fascinated to learn Yes and Van Halen blew away Black Sabbath. I'm fascinated because even though I enjoy heavy metal, when you stop and look at the career of Black Sabbath and Ozzy Osbourne, what have they really done, musically speaking that is, that proved themselves to be truly talented individuals, more than just gimmick rock?
  11. Thank you. That was interesting. I was totally jazzed to watch him played it with Jeff Beck. Watching it made me think of when I saw Page, Beck, and Eric Clapton perform at the A.R.M.S. concert. I am still wondering, though, whether or not Jimmy Page has ever played Beck's Bolero as part of a solo performance.
  12. I am wondering whether or not Jimmy Page ever performed Beck's Bolero. If so, when and is there a recording.
  13. The song that started me on Led Zeppelin was Stairway to Heaven. I had to be about 13 years old when I first heard it. However, Stairway was not the first Led Zeppelin song I had ever heard. Whole Lotta Love was the first. I also believe I heard Black Dog before I heard Stairway. The first Led Zeppelin album I ever bought was the untitled album, and it was because of Stairway to Heaven.
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