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  1. I'm proud of my Lions but for god's sake, they needed a good blowout win like on Sunday. They were due. The whole season will likely be decided by what happens against the Packers. Personally, I don't think we stand a chance, given the way the Pack has been playing at home, but maybe our defense can get us through it.* *(Never been able to say that as a Lions fan)
  2. Investing in a World Series right now rather than developing talent? I like it. Let's get one before Ilitch croaks. The man deserves it
  3. It's not a cop out. I'm just saying that managing wealth - true wealth - is far different to managing someone of middle-class income. I'm not excusing one's personal responsibility to manage their funds, but it's really not as simple as you think. To paraphrase George Harrison, We'd ask our accountants if we were millionaires yet and they would tell us on paper that we were.
  4. if you think millionaire entertainers have very simple savings accounts that they receive bank statements for every single month, you are very mistaken. Once you have financial planners involved, and most rich people do, your money is traditionally thrown into an extremely complex web of financial instruments
  5. Von Mises was brilliant. I prefer Rothbard. Anywho, the best have already been named but I didn't see Albert Camus anywhere. He was a very interesting read.
  6. He never finishes the job? Is that why it takes him 5 years to finish a book? I'm fairly certain he told the writers of the series the ending of the books. Unfortunately, Martin takes too long to write the books so the tv show writers are probably going to have to deviate from now on. But hey, it's been a hell of a ride. (Also, I haven't read the books so...I probably won't visit this thread again. Spoilers and whatnot, you understand).
  7. RIP Levee. I'll cherish the memories brother
  8. My season ended when Ohio State decided to trounce my Spartans. Bleed Green
  9. あなたが英語を理解していない
  10. I legitimately now believe you are either terrible with the English language (I apologize if this is true) or you're a troll. Can't decide.
  11. I'm going to start off with a simple question: Did you actually read anything in the graphic you threw in your post Steve? Because if you did, you would have clearly seen the part about North Korea's actual military capabilities...again this is from YOUR post: "North Korea's actual military capabilities are less formidable than the data suggests - half of the country's major weapons were designed in the 1960s and the other half are even older." South Korea has a fairly modern military. North Korea's best weapons are from the 1960s...that's pathetic. They couldn't touch a beachhead before South Korea literally shit on them. See Steve, this is how I know you drink media kool-aid. I legitimately thought you would have known about this by now. Here are some facts (that back up my point about North Korea's joke of an army). http://www.japanfocus.org/-Sangkeun-Lee/3333 ~"overall conventional defense capabilities favor South Korea." http://gowans.files.wordpress.com/2011/11/graph-2.jpg ~South Korea spends nearly 4x on its military than does the North
  12. You've never found anyone with psychic abilities.
  13. Watchmen, to me, is the greatest graphic novel of all time, as well as the greatest comic book movie of all time... So I vote DC
  14. You do know communism and fascism are two very different things yes? Both generally have totalitarian in place 99% of the time, but they are most certainly two fundamentally different ideologies...
  15. I love it. It's the "Well I don't really have something to say that would come off as intellectually sound, so I think I'll just repeat something he said that I disagree with, and that means I'm right." argument. Well written too. How, might I ask, does South Korea "need" us? Economically? Maybe. But it needs to EU as well. Militarily? Not really. Outside of North Korea's laughable military, who do they have to fight off? China? For what end would they invade? South Korea "needs" the US military for one reason only: To completely and utterly deter war (assuming the EU wouldn't jump behind them if the US wasn't there). But it would likely survive war with any foreign invader at this point.
  16. You're one of those people that think totalitarianism equals communism aren't you? If gulags equal communism, you should, perhaps, look up Japanese-American internment camps. OMG DOES THAT MAKE AMERICA COMMUNIST??!!?!?!?!?!?! TypeO is a very smart poster, and I've always enjoyed his posts, regardless of whether I agree with him or not. You, on the other hand, prefer to let others do your bidding in these political threads. Fact is Steve, you seem to know a lot about history...but you're terrible at debating. Just the way it is mate. Let it go. Before I begin (and I apologize for the delay, I was out of town), I'd like to just say that I'm sorry if any of this comes of as...dickish. I don't mean to be rude to you TypeO. I've never had a problem with you. Anywho, back to business. China is a complicated tale. Admittedly, they are allowed a certain number of violations within their own country (same as the rest of us, but hey that's neither here nor there). But let's set the stage here for the hypothetical we've already created: America isn't around, and now North Korea has a choice: Invade South Korea or not. They cannot possibly hope to touch them without China's assistance, so they ask for help. Now China has a choice: Assist in an invasion against a western ally, or sit there and shut up. My money is they would NEVER involve themselves in such minor battles. North Korea is not a friend anymore and South Korea will likely have the West on it's side. What does China have to gain exactly when they have EVERYTHING to lose? Now let's get away from hypotheticals and directly discuss modern China. They don't hold as much power as you seem to believe. China is growing and becoming a major power in the economic world. The problem, however, is they're replaceable. They need us more than we need them. There's plenty of other countries for America and Europe to exploit for personal gain. I wish I could write more on this subject but alas, I only have a few more minutes at a computer so I'll cut it off here and look for a response later.
  17. Yes. Yes it is. But most of it isn't relevant in today's political game. This is relevant...how exactly? About which topic? We've done some mighty fine topic-jumping. Perhaps if you could clarify your thoughts instead of just writing tidbits about nothing, we could get somewhere. Rodman's a joke. He should imprisoned for the sake of all that is humanity
  18. The Korean War was 60 years ago. And before you jump down my throat for writing that, allow me to say that while there was no "official" end to the war, you'd do well to remember that all combat has just about ceased...since 1953. The world political stage, ESPECIALLY regarding China and Russia, has changed a considerable amount. Neither China or North Korea are truly Communist in any real sense of the word and thus, have lost most of the relations that they once had. China barely associates itself with North Korea anymore, as most political junkies would tell you. You need to get out of the Cold War brother and get into the 21st century. If the world's moving too fast for you, maybe the Internet isn't the best place to post your thoughts.
  19. Ah, so China would join North Korea in its fight for South Korea if we weren't there huh? That's funny because most foreign policy experts don't view their relationship as too stable at the moment. Nice try though kiddo. Also, China is well aware of what sanctions would be placed on them if they were to help fight a war on the side of North Korea, and money talks a lot louder than Kim Jon-Un
  20. Yes, defending a country that doesn't need defending. South Korea would wipe the floor with the North Korean military. The North Korean military is a joke. We "defend" (as you call it) South Korea because packing up now would look horrible on the global diplomacy stage. That's it. South Korea doesn't need us. They just feel better knowing they have a friend behind them in a literal sense rather than just on paper.
  21. Nuclear power is far better than fossil fuels. No contest. Psychics on the other hand, are bullshit.
  22. We support the UN because it would be diplomatic suicide to come out and denounce it. It's unfortunate but that's the game we play
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