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  1. I can't believe we missed September 25th on this thread?! :-( 33 years and counting - we miss you brother! One of my favorite episodes of his life: ''John Bonham struck up a friendship with a fellow drummer who lived nearby called Garry Allcock,who may have had some influence on John's drumming......Allcock recalls: I never gave him lessons as such I didnt teach him at all but wed sit in the front room with sticks and a practice pad and Id show him a few things. It was just a case of: do you know this one? I remember him playing on one of my snare drums and me saying, 'For Christ-sakes, John, take it steady!' I thought he was going to knock it through the floorboards. He certainly hit hard.'' Source: www.johnbonham.co.uk/biography/biography.html
  2. I do,used ones mostly. New releases are too expensive for my budget,they're about 20+€ here and I earn about 450€ per month,regular job+giggin' with the band. So,buying used is quite common,with few exceptions here and there.
  3. Windblast blasting outside! :/ No f..g power since 5 pm! :0 Yeah,and a local radio via cell... Some ol' blues on the air!
  4. 'Listen to that Duquesne whistle blowing, Sounding like she's on a final run…' Latest Dylan album is a whopper!
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