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  1. I can't believe we missed September 25th on this thread?! :-( 33 years and counting - we miss you brother! One of my favorite episodes of his life: ''John Bonham struck up a friendship with a fellow drummer who lived nearby called Garry Allcock,who may have had some influence on John's drumming......Allcock recalls: I never gave him lessons as such I didnt teach him at all but wed sit in the front room with sticks and a practice pad and Id show him a few things. It was just a case of: do you know this one? I remember him playing on one of my snare drums and me saying, 'For Christ-sakes
  2. I do,used ones mostly. New releases are too expensive for my budget,they're about 20+€ here and I earn about 450€ per month,regular job+giggin' with the band. So,buying used is quite common,with few exceptions here and there.
  3. Windblast blasting outside! :/ No f..g power since 5 pm! :0 Yeah,and a local radio via cell... Some ol' blues on the air!
  4. Probably Cozy and I think they would sound wild with him. Songs? Again-wild!Different but raw and wild.He was such a personality,very much like Bonzo. I guess he'd fit almost perfectly if he had the chance. Then again,I'm glad they've done what IMO was very honest and respectfull decision - they drew the line! ...So It Shall Be Done! Cheers! :beer-up:
  5. @ wp 100000 Ok buddy,I'll post the link on forums,though I'm not gonna sign the petition because of my personal point of view on the subject. Anyway,best of luck!
  6. Here you can read additional info provided by Bonzo's friend & long-time roadie Mick Hinton. Almost everything explained : www.led-zeppelin.org/joomla/biographies/118 Though he did use to do some damping on occasion-depending on accoustics of the venue/recording studio, there was no 'rule' about it.
  7. 'Listen to that Duquesne whistle blowing, Sounding like she's on a final run…' Latest Dylan album is a whopper!
  8. For Your Life is a quite groovy and fits my mood any time but when I need relief I call for Achilles! Great album anyway!
  9. @ Melcórë Whenever Led Zeppelin is caught plagiarizing, even if other people have plagiarized from the same song(s) ? "Thieves of the highest order!" One word - jealousy! Doesn't need practicing to become 'force of habit' - it' natural born,evergrowing menace!
  10. That's why Jones/Bonham style is recognized as 'tight but loose'. Playing before/behind the beat doesn't mean inaccurate playing as long as a drummer/bassist keeps it steady before/behind the beat. IMO playing in that manner gives more 'spacy' feeling of the song,it just 'breaths' more naturally.
  11. Thanx and have fun reading on Halloween night - boyz & girlz! \m/
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