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  1. Really It has all been out there   I am a huge fan of Plants's recent solo work and don't think the Thunder Gods will return and yeah the 50th anniversary so far has been enigmatic... but these sensationalist stories and "definitive " biographies are a bad rehash of 70's innuendo and exaggeration.....enough. We get it Jimmy Page is just perched to be the Antichrist any day now and assimilate us all....(total sarcasm) Back to music... I still love the Diaments but the latest remasters are growing on me...

  2. Slightly off topic but I talked to someone who ran into him in NYC yesterday  and said he was very cool and actually volunteered for a picture without being asked.  I don't expect the hard core heavy 70's rock fans to understand but the show in NYC  was killer and Seth Lakeman was great. Many have forgotten both Robert and jimmy have been on stage with Fairport Convention. Zep had folk roots too....Loved finally hearing that's the way live but carry fire was my highlight. I know there's plenty on here who call it sleepy music but at least he's out there instead of re re re mastering everything possible.  Love Jimmy but the new music promised.... not gonna happen. Anyway this band was tight. Will we get a newly released Zep live show... hope so but ...50/50 at best is my guess

  3. On 10/13/2017 at 9:34 AM, reids said:

    FYI: Walmart and Target stores in Atlanta do not carry “Carry Fire” (online only). Best Buy , a mom & pop one off and / or maybe selected Barnes & Noble bookstores are the only retail store with it. Otherwise, Amazon or directly from  RP.com . Sad day in US music (retail) history. BTW, each retail listed above had 20 or more of the top 40 rap (crap) and pop ilk. P.S. I worked retail in a record store for years, during High school and college, so to see it come to this makes one think we are truly in the last days of physical media. After that, the cloud (digital space) will own you. Thankful that Robert (understand their customers/ listeners / fans) and company have released their latest project on multiple physical formats. Their record label reps need to get on the ball and stock retail shelves with this great album. We’re probably the last generation to buy physical media.  


    Agreed I also worked at a music store and still buy cd's and wish I had kept vinyl but can't rebuild collection at this point on vinyl.  Sad I realize when I said I was happy cd had inner sleeve that many probably have no idea what an inner sleeve is.. well here they do but elsewhere...I have incessant problems with I tunes on 2 different computers and phone. I didn't even take free download -uploaded from cd. I only use uploaded cd's on phone in car to protect cd collection safely at home.

  4. On 8/19/2017 at 5:48 AM, SteveAJones said:

    Would you or anyone else be drawing comparisons between this crap and Led Zeppelin were it not for Robert Plant on vocals? I highly doubt it. So you really want to know why I don't like it? Simply because I find it's fucking BORING! Honestly, it's like he's been singing to the same drum loop for more than ten years now.  

    Seriously I get it it u hate it I love it but and I am not being a D***k but why do u still even try listening after 10 or 20 years?  I used to like u2 but somehow think they lost raw honesty of first 4 albums. I stopped listening. Obviously if another album follows this one u will listen in full but I'd spend 49 minutes listening to what u like instead. Many have told me Presence is boring but that and 3 are my favorites.

  5. 27 minutes ago, luvlz2 said:

    It's cool...I definitely feel for reids that the only option he had was a 4 hour drive and balcony seats. I am happy for you and your wife for being able to get tix.

    Agreed 100a% all cool I just want everyone to get tix that will appreciate the show..,, I mean I feel guilty talking about tix many people were shut out 

    i want everyone who is a fan to b there I can live without the fols yelling "stairway..." robert plays an excellent show.. if u r looking for LZ redux  probablynot as happy

  6. 16 minutes ago, luvlz2 said:

    Are you talking to me? I totally feel for any fan that cannot get seats! I don't really feel like anybody's really bragging, is anyone if Phoenix not supposed to be happy because it's only been 8 years since he has played here, whereas you over there in CT got him 2 years ago and maybe the other mini-tour also? Chill out.

    Dude no I am not talking to u I got ny tix I was notbthrowing shade at u.  Apologies if it came off that way. I meant I feel very lucky but feel for those who were shut out.  Used to live in az. Rock on. No harm intendedpss Phoenix is one of the best places in the world!

    PsSSS I sgree u guys r due am happy for u completely I am not attacking anyone... wish u happy times with RP

  7. Honestly this is first year it was siuch  a trial I was able to get decent seats at sale time in years past. I see the angst of people shut out and really do feel bad.  It was wife's idea to try cc promo.  I do not understand why verified fan presale was locked when they were still taking cc promos. Had it not been for amazing wife and her will I would have been shut down as well... I got tix but hate these bragging" I got mine ha ha "posts.  Really this tour was toughest yet

    Honestly I think Plant and management may know nothing of fans trials.... good luck to all  and as bad as alternative it may b there r websites with very little mark up for decent seats .., a dilemma for people like me who don't buy from scalpers  or bootleggers but an option  -hint ny tic if you grab couple loge seats very very good if reasonable 


  8. 12 hours ago, reids said:

     On a side note: What they need to do at venues is enforce a no video w/ cell phone policy for ticket holders on the floor, so those the fake fans (you know the type: man bunned , skinny jeaned, trendy beard wearing " alt-Americana" ) who hold their cameras up to take selfies and talk during the entire concert need to be escorted to the back or out of the Building. 


    Could not agree more watch and listen to the damn live show! Want a pic of Plant on stage try google..,last tour saw terrific B.A.M show then had Hammerstein ballroom ruined year later by woman screaming in my ear. "Where's Jimmy Page... play Stairway"!  I don't know details of cc pre sales my wife happened to have chase card and tried on whim..,sorry for folks that got shut out especially by verified fan presale which does not seemed to have worked for many.,,

  9. The next great Robert Plant tour is upon us and the usual discussions are on.  There are people that like his ventures into Americana and world music. I am one of them. I am thrilled to see him in ny.  I love LZ too.. I still run through their catalog all the time but it's an age old debate especially after 07 ...LZ ended for me in 1980 when Bonzo died.i like hearing Plant do what he can with his voice well than be like McCartney who does not know one can't sing at 70 something like they did 50 years ago.  For people who don't dig Robert and his recent music it made my chance of getting tickets and cd even better.. I like the songs so far and honestly at 69 he can and will do what he wants and I can't wait. Cue the trashing of everything he's done in last 10 years..

    PS I will say the verified fan sale did not go well -go right to Chase presale !

  10. U know there r probably 100 posts from me agreeing that bonus discs r rubbish not now with no hype. Rebuying and relisteningb I do like them and love 3 and coda .  I don't have bootlegs but feel these r interesting alternate looks at the albums I think the first time around I did not get the concept.

  11. It's cool really I'd welcome getting something even if people think I am being " ripped off". Thanks tho... I just was unable to get the kind of stereo I should have due to various reasons but wanna cut someone deal

    and to be clear these are the us rrleases not Russia, china whatever ...

  12. Ok am now thought I'd try to help out the die hard fans here first.  I am not trying to shill here I have them listed for about a third of what paid.  Wife and I just tryin to make room and as I know people here still have stereo systems and physical media and thought someone might want to have.  Local stores here like Best Buy no longer sell stereos or cd's except for home tv theater...

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