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  1. Am unloading all remasters including one of each deluxe set, deluxe BBC and mothership 2015. Opened and first 4 played once rest unplayed 3rd of coda and BBC will b in jewel case to remain unscuffed reasonable offers accepted
  2. I make one statement after not saying anything even remotely negative about the remasters for 2-3 months and someone is waiting to jump on it...I am just buying the singles and wanted that one song that USED to be on Coda in the box sets...geez I wish HHWCID was on Coda- It's no big thingMeanwhile there's a ton of posts about Fire, Swan song and other songs that I guess aren't as seriously offending as my one sentence,,,,It's not like i condemned the whole remaster series for that one thing in this post. I keep silent on rough mixes and such because I know they thrill other people and that's great.I am happy jimmy got these out and they have an edition that suits everyone... but I just regret Coda not being the box version of 50+ minutes. maybe if i say I am a Yankees fan too I can at least get a point back in my favor.
  3. i'll believe it when I own it but hope u are right on this....
  4. Having never had a home stereo system it probably would change my perceptions...I still play the crop circle boxes more than anything
  5. Remastering the Firm and Coverdale /Page would be a guess for what is next
  6. Don't worry jimmy's re-remastering project starts in september
  7. Really is lousy that HHWCID is on disc 2 for those of us just buying the single discs...
  8. When I saw him it was called a medley of no place to go and how many more years Both are Wolf songs
  9. Wow not that well apparently.... In a way it is a blessing not worry about the littlest compression or nuance. The last thing i wanna do is analyze everything I listen to...they all sounded the same to me
  10. Ok I retract my post about a one disc version Coda for me -the Companion naysayer this far- is worth the companion discs
  11. thanks again...for these...I'd love to see another show ...the setlist definitely has changed from venue to venue and BTW I wish they'd record How Many More Years. That Wolf tunes absolutely grooves live.
  12. Hopefully there will b a cheap 1 diisc coda as well. All i want is the old release
  13. well said anniemouse and Pat. I appreciate the postings here with clips and pics etc Thanks to all who do this for us...the Thrill is Gone ...chillingly great
  14. # of albums sold is not necessarily reflective of musical talent. As for insults that are persona i used to argue like that in high school. Whocares what some joker at his computer types!
  15. Thats your opinion i have loved every album since dreamland. My god i am so sorry for the times i rehashed my posts about the remasters Its pretty simple don't listen if u don't like it. I have beaten a dead horse and now i know how i sounded. The positive reviews and tix sales tell me i am not alone enjoying his last 10 years.
  16. Definitly feeling it... Exactly right I think by not trying to find a replacement for the irreplacable they keep their integrity and legend intact
  17. Nothing about Plant's shows is a sham these days.it is too bad u feel that way but one less ticket buyer in front of people that want to see RP
  18. maybe he simply does not want to play them with anyone but the past couple bands because he is closer to them at this point in his life and wants LZ's story to conclude on a big +. If it was the eighties I can maybe see at least a case for putting some form of LZ together but jimmy is 7o or 71 and Robert is 66 and it is the Twilight of their careers and they are just headed in different directions.... I'd love a new album but dont see where there has been time for him to have done one with all the touring...I agree on one thing though he should give his past solo catalog some attention in concert. there are a ton of great songs he could draw from rather than play Black Dog 1000 times more. Nonetheless SSS Best concert I ever saw in NY in the fall...Friends /bands grow apart and there's nothing wrong with that. i am just happy the 3 are around doing projects whether it is remastering or a new album.....
  19. I am guessing if there is no announcement by July 1 then we really are looking at the holidays or just before. I'd play your old copies of the last 3.... 1 and half years without hearing Presence is too long.
  20. I have to add it is pretty funny using "home room" to discuss the meaning of the Presence cover back then. I think girls and Zep are all I took from high school and maybe some learning happened there too..... I remember when Bonzo was lost to us what a damn depressing day... Should have had it off!
  21. Do u know where I can get the single disc remasters for like fifty cents? . 200 a piece heck that's great!
  22. Back in my day ... High school 77-81 all the LZ fans had ALL of them.. It was almost a prerequisite ....funny I really didn't fit with any of the HS stereotype groups but the kids I talked to most were the musicians and weed heads even tho I never smoked myself... Cigarettes that's a different story it was like quitting heroin or what I imagine that'd be like.....
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