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  1. Yes but u have to understand in my area Hartford Ct/Springfield MA- BB does NOT get (hardly) any new releases in there is literally no place to go...a year or 2 ago it was different...all I had to do was hit BB or CC at 430 after work but the well has dried up. I can guarantee if they do get this in they will get about 10 and it will be gone by 10:15....fortunately I do have the week off and for once CAN be there at opening The Beatles boxes took 2 -3 weeks to get to some people here A couple Music stores got like one of each.....I am not an itunes mark at all but often have NO alternative when Amazon sells out...
  2. There will be areas though that do not have the physical media anymore....Its unfortunate but a fact..we'll see where those 30 stores are in 5-10 years. I am the only person I know that still buys cd's amongst the friends and aquaintances I have and there's many...I dont even know how to download movies so I am not thrilled by all this at all but with our BB going soon and FYE, Circuit City, Borders already gone the trend can't be stopped in this area at least
  3. I know ..."soon" for them may mean a little while Its a pain and cd universe doesn't have it at all...Barnes and Noble does but its hard to figure out which is which Does anyone have a definitive list of SKU's for all configurations? Ironically Amazon puts tv shows and movies on their site long before they can be ordered sometimes with a "let me know when this is available" note EDIT Just got an email from Amazon saying that title is "going out of stock" and there may not be sufficient inventory for orders at this point...so despite Sam's help they are telling people other things It was recommended I order from canada
  4. Look under Led Zeppelin- music I had to call and ask- the packages that say wbr means with Blu Ray..it is not listed under movies...I am not sure if Ilinks are permitted so just do a search and its there for preorder Its the one thats 44 something: Cd +DVD (wbr) Deluxe..I am not in the sticks but their selection shrinks daily...they told me the cd selection will be eliminated in 2013 in most stores
  5. Amazon has usually been great ...until now...Our Best Buy probably will not get this as they are eliminating physical cd's as they have become near obsolete...I just called them and they are not even stocking the entire top 20 anymore...so I am stuck with the preorder method
  6. I hope soon means they know for those not in the know in the states that Best Buy is 2 clicks away in the 44 dollar range...
  7. It seems like Atlantic /LZ would want to take care of this Best Buy lowered Deluxe with Blu ray to 45 and still assures me it is coming...anyone...help...what happened to Amazon? Even when Star Trek TNG had problems there was still a listing but it was unavailable to purchase til audio problems were fixed...amazon claims there just is no Blu ray in usa ... Edit Sunday 12:00 - thanks for the clarification I am assuming Amazon used the word "soon" ...I appreciate it...Why do telesales/phone help make definitive statements like "it doesn't exist"without researching a bit...Before my teaching days I worked in a music store (oh yes I got discounts on LZ stuff) and we were told NEVER to contradict someone like that but at worst say "we'll call our distributor..call us back tomorrow" PS Thrilled that no blu ray is "incorrect'!!! Waited 5 years and avoided all boots/youtube so this will be a revelation...am also in the crowd for a 10/17 showing here in CT, USA!!! Thanks, Sam!!!
  8. Amazon tells me it can no longer be preordered but I thin k itll come back they seldom know whats happening with product in US
  9. It seeems to be gone (Blu Ray) in USA Amazon
  10. Just keep following link after link and try different zip codes My local theater is 3 miles away My zip showed nothing Put onein 30 minutes away and my local theater popped up with a link to buy...
  11. looking forward to the movie/Blu Ray/Cd release like u cant believe. However I am not sure about people callling for tour....Led Zeppelin has the one chance NO ONE else among rock legends has taken...wrap it up with a great release of a monumental show and walk away...I dont want to see them turn into Mick jagger or McCartney playing stairway at the Superbowl in their 70's....I wish I had seem em live I have been a fan since the 70's but...one great show and leave it ...its the classiest way for the blimp to land! This will only enhance their legend
  12. I am confused is this a ONE night only showing of the film? anyway got my CT tix for the 17th whoo hoo
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