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  1. They will be released ...but there are first pressing #'ed sets of the first 3 SDB across the street at Newbury's since a year ago- ... glad to hear sales were decent I don't want physical media to die off -just because I said it is what's happening(around here anyway). I own a cd for everything possible and have about 300-400...at one time it was twice that...either way the last 3 will definitely come out but when I have no idea...Fall is best guess. I do agree these sold decently if not very good for rereleases of older material and it is very sad that Best Buy and other places are shrinking or eliminating their cd's and dvd/blu rays....I dont even know how to stream and download anything beyond tunes....and as for tv I guess without wifi I cant anyway...
  2. I would say his entire last album for one ...I don't think House of Love and a Stolen Kiss could be any more personal...With Zep many later songs along with Thank you... Allof My Love, Tea for One, Ten Years Gone Carouselambra...I think Kashmir is pretty honest about his spiritual questing...I believe... 29 Palms...For the money? I doubt if these guys did anything JUSt for the money -sure they enjoyed that late 60's early 70's lifestyle it got them but, I don't think any of the four were anything less than sincere at least 95% of the time in their music. Some like Hot Dog were probably just written for fun but I don't see them as a job or money making thing for LZ . I saw the look on Robert's face just for a few seconds... like he was somewhere else -before A Stolen Kiss I don't think moments like that are bought and paid for. Yeah Blue Train That's another one, for sure.
  3. I do like the song but there are several classic LZ songs i like better. Radio overkill left its mark on some and people reading so much into the lyrics when it was just another great Zeppelin tune probably sways people too. I never liked the Wizard of Oz either.and yeah Tea For One is indeed a great one. It makes some people upset i am not interested in Jimmy's occult fascination or that i dont care what his sigil means. It doesnt mean i am less of a LZ fan... Everyone is different...
  4. Yes thats how i remember it Robert Plant's musical tastes are wide ranging I discovered Low among others through him... Just one of the many interesting artists LZ led me too. Richards can say what he wants it just sounds petty...not worth getting upset over
  5. It also just further worsens the anti-bear sentiments that seem so prevalent these days. paddington..pooh...what did they ever do to anyone but yeah let's use violence against their species Makes one sick...
  6. Aww This is nothing U should have heard the derision from alternative and before that punk fans for Zep in the 80's,,,,and for the nasty immature comment from me..well, corpses like Keith should know their role and represent the walking dead with humility....maybe he just hadnt had enough brains to eat that day
  7. I remember these battles over music in high school. I am 52 now and my feeling is what other people think about the music u like doesn't matter. I loved the stuff Robert did in Nashville and that's not always popular here but then I realized that doesn't matter. It is not like the Stones fans can erase LZ from our lives. Never liked anything about Richards never will... But he has his fans too. I listn to everything from Sinatra to Nirvana I realized at the Alison Krauss/ Robert concert when someone yelled out "where's Stairway?" that people are pretty set in their ways but I don't have to bend to popular or more vocal opinions. In short I wouldn't worry about what people say... Life really is too short.
  8. they will be out in the fall..I cant see them just stopping but the sales while good for an old catalog sadly just emphasize digital downloads destroying physical media...people on here all seem to have turntables etc but the average LZ fan probably does not want to spend a grand on their catalog
  9. My barely reliable Newbury Comic sources told me first or second friday in sept which probably means itll be after that as they are now moving so slow on this
  10. To be fair i think this Is Jimmy's last go round at these. He really has only done them twice.
  11. When will we get these is a good question Late summer seems possible but not sure...still sticking with Fall as my prediction
  12. ummm this never happened at least in my area...I suspect it was a net hoax...
  13. i actually was ignorant enough to click on the link for a minute or so out of curiosity... I wish I could have that one minute of my life back. Movin on quickly...
  14. I don't see any more LZ releases after Coda and god knows I have been annoyingly cynical at times but I do think this is it -unless they come up with Earl's Ct blu ray at some point. Doubtful. To be fair I don't see this as a money making thing for Jimmy ... He cares about the legacy too much for that. I do wish it was a June to June schedule tho.....
  15. People claim to hear " someone sung this for Satan" in the Mr Ed talking horse theme backwards That sums up how ridiculous this is. Maybe the tools shed is with the talking horse....
  16. Someone buy me a plane ticket!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wish i could have gone.... been listening to Definitive Lead Belly last few weeks..a great import double cd thanks for posting this!!!!!
  17. i gotta go with III which defined Zep as a band that crossed genres and styles and along with PG and Presence remains my favorite...definitely my favorite early Zep
  18. I guess it all depends on what u listen to -that kind of arrangement is not unusual in Americana music, and yeah I do think Justin Adams or Buddy Miller are top notch. They are not all time greatest like Jimmy in his prime - I'd be foolish to think that but still excellent musicians and in buddy's case arrangers/ producers. I already listened to bluegrass but really discovered people like Howling Wolf from Robert's live shows as well as projects like juJu -etc
  19. Yeah I'd have to go about 90 minutes to Boston for something like this. Local Newburyport comics didnot know or care about it ....no turntable so I guess it doesn't matter for me. Still would like to hear it tho....
  20. Let me clarify ... That seemed like trolling The LZ versions are definitive and if it was 1977 they should play that way but I have enjoyed Robert's venture into other genres with great musicians. Theremin solo in WLL would just be foolish or another keyboard player doing JPJ solo in N Q. I enjoy hearing the sounds of Juldeh Camera or buddy Miller rather than a note for note copy of what remains perfect after 40 years.
  21. Nice setup. I can maybe afford ...the lamp...I have not seen a home stereo like that in years... oh yeah and on a good night the Canadian Club...
  22. Lucky! wish there was a non vinyl way to hear this but I know that defeats the purpose of record store day...enjoy!
  23. So can someone inform me are the new remastered cd's less compressed than the 94 box? Maybe its the high freq loss in right ear but ...well without an informed opinion here -am asking. To me the new cd's seem really shrill almost but am not trying to be redundant. Maybe I have just grown accustomed to the Marinos over 20 years. It maybe in the info above but all the iTunes and vinyl stuff doesn't have a bearing on me and can be confusing. I am asking specifically about the cd's of the original albums.
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