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  1. This I totally agree with I loved fate and much of POM as well as Dreamland to name 3 totally off topic why the heck is In the Mood not on his best of collection?
  2. Hey I'll get even more hell but i prefer the reworked versions by far. After all I listened to the old ones for years and years... A few r untouchable like Kashmir but for the most part I can live without long keyboard or guitar solos and like hearing the ritti or a banjo for a change. Let my axe-cution begin. It's not a knock on the classic versions but I like to see where they can go in other directions. Band of Joy Gallows Pole sounds way better to me with harmony and slowed down.
  3. Dark Lord inspires me to definitely add How Many More Times favorite early song from first 2
  4. Ill have someone with more discriminating ears listen again...still clinging to my Definitive Collection box forever also. I'd assume disc one of deluxe is same as my single disc remaster.
  5. i hope that is late summer in real time and not in "new solo project from Jimmy soon" time! I am only buying single disc rematers except maybe Coda but the reverse Presence and ITTOD art looks cool that way
  6. I guess I assumed the change was from an apology but it is true I do not know if one occurred... Was it necessary? I guess only 3 people know for sure. The utterance "they had to stay!" always made me me believe there were hurt feelings but Jimmy was struggling with his own challenges at that time so we will never know for sure....
  7. These are the times I am glad I am a jerk without a great system...I am not hearing distortion in car or on computer on the cd
  8. I am going to make a guess at late July or even July 10 when new releases start on Fridays....
  9. I agree about it reminding me of the laser sharp music within..I thought it was an interesting cover
  10. Well he makes some veiled statements at Jimmy and JPJ for skipping his son's funeral and it is possible it was either done by Page... or done by Plant himself to not be so in your face. I know Page apologized to him afterwards because somewhere...live? I cant recall... Plant changed a couple lines aimed at Page
  11. Someone from a music column returned my email last Friday and said late summer but that was a "rumor and there is no official date yet'. For what its worth it looks to me like PG will be promoted at least through April's end on the site ..I think June for the next 2 would be a nice surprise but am doubting it. The amount of unsold SDB's in the few stores that got them may be a reason I know two stores up the street that got the boxes and there they sit to this day. they stopped ordering them after III
  12. Kashmir That's the Way Tangerine Battle of Evermore Ramble On Ten years gone Since I've been loving you Achilles last stand
  13. I am 52 and my parents had a stereo in the 70's I just have never been to where I could afford one... and in HS never would have been allowed to have one and now wife really only listens sparingly to ipod or phone- also does not share a lot of my musical tastes... I do hate to see hard copies die Fox just announced except for select few they are discontinuing TV show blu rays and dvd's with the goal of discontinuing all hard copy by 2017...I have no idea how to stream anything but guess I better learn fast. Very few of friends in 80's/90's had home stereos except one good friend deep in debt for it-still has state of the art stuff in his set up but I do remember in HS 77-81 other kids having stereos, I guess with parents money... PS i didnt have a cell phone til last year and don't have any games stuff after all I am too OLD!
  14. Lots of helpful info in these posts. As to why serious music lovers don't have great home stereos finances might be an issue. It is just a fact that technology has been priced right out of many people's reach. The people I i do know with nice things ALL have huge credit card debts. I just enjoy the music as best as I am able to. It doesn't mean I am not a music lover.
  15. The average fan probably hasn't had a turntable for years...
  16. Very Nice story for a good cause...gosh i wish Robert was my dad...seriously though Thanks for posting this..Still hoping after massive tour near an end he may make it back to NYC or CT for a second go...
  17. am curious are Plant and alison performing together or are the SSS there too...either way wish i could afford the trip Been listing to definitive Leadbelly double cd lately...
  18. After almost being run out of town about this i think it is up to the listener and what they are listening on. I am ready to give remasters a better listen(collective shock from the forum).....but personally cant afford system/turntable etc so have to base opinion on cd's...Just glad Page got to be involved. I had the Barry diament cd's and preferred the 94's but will admit all cd's since BD have some early fades here and there i know darn well ramble on used to be few seconds longer! and One great thing is the remasters are a physical format which i am clinging to out of the 2300 songs on my phone all were uploaded into itunes from cd's I am never selling. I just like holding the product in my hand even if it is a smaller one than vinyl.
  19. I just watched this on You tube and it actually was pretty decent Main problem: drummers who could not follow the band I like some of the work Collins did with robert-Principle of moments i think...butHad jason been of age this would have come off better- not perfect- but I actually wish this was available legally as it is not as bad as the band seems to remember and Plant sounded good up there and i do agree Page is holding back not only due to alleged chemicals but due to the drumming.....JPJ rock solid
  20. It was probably some know nothing but she had a new release flyer... coda was not even in it. Ps I want to be very wrong!
  21. For what it's worth and that's probably little Warner told me July-Aug for next 2 Coda in oct hope that's wrong and it was just some phone help without a clue
  22. Better than Page in his prime????? Well....uh....no one Hubert Sumlin was an influence on many...
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