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  1. Chopin - Etude Op.10 No.3 Sam Cooke - A Change Is Gonna Come Queen - Love Of My Life Derek and the Dominoes - Bell Bottom Blues CCR - Long As I Can See The Light LZ - The Rain Song that's what I have off the top of my head...
  2. dig zoso

    G.O.A.T. game

    ^ well, here are two games I can think of that I would've loved to have seen 1965 Game 7: Koufax vs. Jim Kaat, both on 2 days rest, Koufax pitching in pain, Koufax pitching a 3-hit shutout 1991 Game 7: Smoltz vs. Jack Morris, Twins eventually won 1-0 in the bottom of the 10th (there's a chance I did watch this...but I was 3) Greatest football/soccer player of all time?
  3. Yeah, I've been questioning Chavez for a while...When he's on, he's great, but he's just been hampered with injuries as of late. And you're right: motivation problem. It is sad to see the fan favorites leave, but I guess we'll be finding some new fan favorites...kind of like how Mulder left and Haren just stepped right in. That's terrible! At least, if nothing else, I've had the summers to go to games. I hope you do make it to the park this year!
  4. Whoa...yeah, definitely! I've cried over baseball before (cough-hudson/mulder/zito-cough) but this winter...I dunno. It's not that I loved the players any less, but it just definitely felt like something needed to be done. Over the last couple of years we were getting some short term fixes, but it seemed like we were often playing catch-up. Swisher...well, it's sad to see him go for several reasons. He was Mr. Moneyball, he was supposed to be the symbol of Oakland's future..and now he's definitely not. We're sort of at a strange, uncomfortable beginning to a new era of A's baseball. I've gotten over the shock (or maybe I'm just numb), and at this point I'm even excited to make a fresh start and see what these new guys can become. In Billy I still Trust, I guess. Here's hoping for a low-injury season...
  5. Yeah, seconded here! And as Redrum and a few others have said, Santa Cruz is fantastic, but it's the wrong choice if you're looking for something sunny right now. A bit north of there, I glance out my window. It's foggy...and raining. Not really a surprise.
  6. This is terrible. I only just found out now, and...wow, I'm shocked. Unfortunately you know when it says they were "found in their apartment" that there was usually something dark in their life leading to this, whether it was drugs, depression...I guess we'll find out. It's horrible that his young daughter will never really know him; he was quite a talented actor.
  7. Thought I'd bump this thread up...not that there's any huge breaking news, but just for some irreverent banter. Spring training is already less than a month away! I know as an A's fan, this upcoming season is going to be like nothing I've ever experienced before (I started watching them in 1998, right when they happened to be starting an upswing). Lots of unfamiliar faces to get to know, lots of young players. You have to start (again) somewhere, and it'll be exciting to see how we grow as a team over the next 8 months or so... Speaking of young players, the first story on mlb.com today was about how the Rockies are a physical away from signing Troy Tulowitzki, 23-year old SS rookie of the year runner-up, to a 6 year, $30 mil contract. I mean, the kid had a nice 2007 season...but it's his only full season. In what is becoming an off-season tradition, all together now: "This market is crazy." (full article) On a less serious note, one of mlb.com's other top stories was the 2008 "Marlins Mermaids" auditions. I was just wondering how other people felt about involving "dance squads" with baseball teams, the fact that these girls are supposed to be "ambassadors" for the clubs, and in general all the "event-izing" of baseball games across the country. I'm not so hot on the idea, but baseball does tend to bring out the traditionalist in me...or maybe as a straight female I just don't get to enjoy most of the attraction? Then again, I don't think I'd be any more enthused if there was a troupe of go-go boys advertising themselves as the "Marlins Mermen"... (full article)
  8. I'm sure if you just do a google search for a file converter, you can find one for free that shouldn't be too difficult to work...
  9. I have to agree...I guess there are a few English accents that could grate on my nerves after a while, but still... On the airplane coming back home from London this past summer, I talked to this really nice English man who'd been living in the San Francisco area for over 20 years. I told him he'd kept his accent remarkably well for having been away so long, and he said it was something he did try for, "because you can get away with murder in the states if you have an English accent!" I shuffled my feet awkwardly and pretended that I wasn't a prime example of someone who makes that statement true. Accents and swagger...they're going to get me in trouble one day. ...if I'm lucky
  10. In the most literal sense, I guess people use 'zeppelinesque' to describe a group with a powerful rhythm section, a brilliant guitarist (plus awesome riffs), and/or a singer with a very distinctive, nontraditional voice. But additionally, I think it could describe the charisma of the musicians, their chemistry, the mystique that's born out of a certain magical exclusivity amongst band members. I don't use the word, personally.
  11. Thanks NickZepp for posting that again! I'd never seen it before, but that was amazing! I thought I was going to die laughing during the dream sequences. Conan is total class.
  12. Thanks for posting, Levee and eternal light; until we actually make all of these dreams our reality, we can never be reminded too many times of Dr. King's words.
  13. I have a girl crush on Eva Green.
  14. Hilarious, but I dunno if it's worth hundreds of dollars...
  15. dig zoso

    The Mighty Boosh

    To Mona and Chicken: I've got the first and second RiD albums...I could upload and send them to you two, if you'd like?
  16. I'm not so keen on Christmas decorations, but occasionally I do enjoy wreaths/swags, pinecones, candles, and lots of red.
  17. Something a close family friend wrote to me today: "There are many paths to take along the road called life. Your path is the one that brings joy to your heart. Only that path will allow you to wake daily embracing the challenges and opportunities that greet you in the morning. Some say a way to make those around you happy is to make yourself happy first. I wish you peace."
  18. dig zoso


    oh, 1 more I've been hearing quoted for the past 2 weeks
  19. dig zoso


    a couple of my friends CANNOT stop quoting these two videos Powerthirst
  20. just bumping this thread back up seeing as there are some big match-ups tomorrow; I know there have got to be more football fans on this board!
  21. Once upon a time there was a bear and a bee who lived in a wood and were the best of friends. All summer long the bee collected nectar from morning to night while the bear lay on his back basking in the long grass. When Winter came the Bear realised he had nothing to eat and thought to himself 'I hope that busy little Bee will share some of his honey with me'. But the Bee was nowhere to be found - he had died of a stress induced coronary disease. -Banksy
  22. one of my favorites, and one I've been thinking of a lot lately. Thanks for posting it!
  23. Man...I knew of course that there was talk surrounding him, but Beane has this incredible way of timing these deals so that we're still surprised when they go through. To be honest, I'm totally gutted right now. From the first day I saw Danny play in an Oakland uniform, there seemed to be something so special and hopeful about him that I wasn't even upset about losing Mulder in the deal. Particularly during last season, even if we weren't winning, he was great to watch. But, as and A's fan, you get used to this. You just have to. Zito, Mulder, Hudson, Tejada, Giambi and so many more have left, and there's nothing to do but just trust Billy. The scary part about this deal is that it seems to mark the beginning of a new era for the A's. It's no secret now that we're in full rebuilding mode, but it's been a while since the last time we had to do this. In a small way, that's a relief. You could tell that in the past two seasons or so, everything, all our signings had become too short-term. It felt like we weren't really catching up, not really creating something that would last. At least I'll be able to see Haren face off with Zito in NL West clashes...a small consolation. :'( Here ends my emotional eulogy. 2008 is sure going to be an interesting season...
  24. dig zoso


    Hey! Welcome to the Board! I think all of us here know just what you mean when you say that discovering Zep is like falling in love--I guess it really is, in a way.
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