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  1. Dance Dance Dance-Steve Miller Band
  2. I've seen rush 3 times...simply put, AMAZING.
  3. Foo Fighters-Wasting Light and Bruce Springsteen The Promise
  4. I like the early Foo FIghters...then they kinda got boring to me...The new album kicks ass though. I seen them live once at The Garden, right up against the stage in front of Dave Grohl, WOW. awesome.
  5. I'm going to see THe Allman Brothers with The Doobie Bros opening up August 18th
  6. I seen ACDC at Giants stadium about 2 weeks ago
  7. awesome pics everyone!
  8. awesome tats everyone...i got one about 10 months ago...i only have the picture on my cell phone, soo ill have to take one with a camera and load it up on here...its the four logos going down the back of my right arm
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