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  1. Keith did think it was 2 guitarist, first time he heard Johnson, I have the interview. If Johnson wasnt recorded, we wouldn't know who he was also true. 3 and 4 I agree too, Zeppelin was hated by critics then, I didn't like nirvana till 20 years later, after all the hype was gone and just listened to the music, most of grunge, I didn't appreciate till last year or so. Mozart you were right about that too. I saw the movie lol I don't see why you got so much hate, when what you said was true, maybe some didn't understand what you ment.
  2. Just watched a doors documentary, It said it was for drugs, I always heard drugs too. lol Fronted by their charismatic-but-unpredictable singer Jim Morrison, the group had recently scored its first No. 1 hit with “Light My Fire,” and Sullivan’s show — which had made instant superstars of Elvis Presley and the Beatles — was a choice booking. But the Doors’ performance that night would live on in a very different way, resulting in the group being banned from the show in perpetuity. According to the official Ed Sullivan Show website, rehearsals for the show went well, and with 15 minutes to air time, Sullivan went to see the band in their dressing room, telling them, “You boys look great, [but] you ought to smile a little more.” Shortly after, a producer from the show came by to inform the band that they needed to change the line “Girl, we couldn’t get much higher” to “Girl, we couldn’t get much better” when performing “Light My Fire,” ostensibly because the line might be construed as referring to drugs. Read More: 48 Years Ago: The Doors Banned From 'The Ed Sullivan Show' | http://ultimateclassicrock.com/the-doors-banned-from-the-ed-sullivan-show-september-17-1967/?trackback=tsmclip
  3. They were not allowed to play both songs, had to go by sheet music and a piano, he wants the jury to hear the songs. it could be bad if some jury members think it sounds the same.
  4. Jim Morrison wasn't allowed to sing the lyric higher, because of the drug reference.
  5. Sweet I guess there is already a program to print it out, he is gonna make it smaller as a tribute so he don't get sued or what ever.
  6. My friend has a 3d printer, I wonder if it can do this.
  7. #1 Zeppelin #2 Beatles #3 sabbath #4 megadeth #5 Mr bungle
  8. neil young wanna be no orginalality, imo, 2
  9. I wouldn't call it Ska, and the singer was voted the best in the world range wise.
  10. I like it, could be in a old spy movie lol I give it a 7
  11. need some mastodon in here lol why cant I copy youtube link here?
  12. heres a better cover why cant I paste the link here wtf
  13. way to not know the lyrics, damn country dude trying the Sabbath very bad imo
  14. I heard vodka good to drink, dont mess up the motor skills as much lol
  15. i was at a wendys in the 80s and saw one hanging on the wall, i wanted to steal it so bad lol My bad i ment the cover of 4, painting old guy with sticks
  16. i see kiss going on forever, they will replace them all and kiss will be around in 200 years lmao.
  17. I find any thing he did after cream as boring as hell to me, and that includes layla, I personally think he is one of the most over rated guitarist ever god my ass.
  18. I like this one http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CaW4FciCdiQ
  19. This is a dumb question but how is there 8 sides, the normal record has 4.
  20. This song sounds strangly familure.
  21. Wow I cant believe never say die got that much votes.
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