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  1. I finished work late this evening and my colleague very kindly offered to drop me off at Victoria Station in South London. We decided to cut through Kensington and Chelsea and who should I see, looking a little ‘Dazed and Confused’ ?! Only James Patrick Page!! He looked completely lost. I wish we’d offered him a lift now
  2. Ledzeppelmann

    Jimmy looked Dazed & Confused

    We were in traffic. The whole experience was too quick. By the time, I even contemplated getting my phone out, we'd passed him and he'd turned the corner.
  3. Ledzeppelmann

    John Paul Jones & Alice Cooper photo May 2018

    Great photograph of a couple of rock n roll legends
  4. Ledzeppelmann

    Top 3 Favorite Songs LIVE ?

    Achilles Last Stand No Quarter Ten Years Gone (Love the B-Bender)
  5. Ledzeppelmann

    An Open Letter to Robert Plant

  6. Ledzeppelmann

    What's your Desktop Wallpaper?

  7. Ledzeppelmann

    Choose the setlist

    1. We're Gonna Groove 2. Heartbreaker 3. Nobody's Fault But Mine 4. Bring It on Home 5. Trampled Underfoot 6. The Song Remains the same 7. The Rain Song 8. Going To California 9. Dazed and Confused 10. No Quarter 11. Since I've Been Loving You 12. Kashmir 13. Stairway To Heaven 14. Whole Lotta Love Encores: 15. Achilles Last Stand 16. Rock and Roll Wow, that was difficult. So much choice.
  8. Ledzeppelmann

    Will Zep guys be on Charlie Rose on CBS This Morning?

    Thanks for the link, nothing new but i enjoyed the interview
  9. Ledzeppelmann

    Led Zeppelin fan age

    37 years young.
  10. 3rd time seeing O2 show tomorrow at IMAX......Awesome!!!!