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  1. Hell....i wish a summer tour of Europe in 2014 will happen !! I don't care if it's gonna be just the typical setlist or material that hasn't been performed yet...i just want to see the zeppelin before i die ! I am sure that Robert isn't just joking around wi th teasing quotes.....I 've got a feeling that the Reunion might happen
  2. If we see a new release by EV that will be the next year or after the remastered studio albums in summer 2013... Personally, I wish for the second night in Seattle, as the first one is an extremely nice perfomance and the band seems to have great fun there.. In Addition, a selection from the 77 tour would be nice too....i would really like to have one or both of the "Day On The Green" shows....I know that these particular gigs aren't that great but it is the last appearance of Zeppelin in America and the Alameda Coliseum is a fuckin' great venue
  3. Who else would really love a sounboard recording from the 23rd show ? (as the aud tape is quite muddy)
  4. If it was played on 05-30-77, why wasn't it taped from the sounboard desk with the other tracks aswell ? Can someone explain it ? Sounds very weird to me...
  5. Greensboro 01-29-75 isn't a good recording....it's very distant and a bit muddy to my ears in some parts....but it is still listenable...
  6. Like Strider, i prefer listening to audience tapes than sounboards too. You can feel the whole audience vibe and venue's reverb through them. A soundboard (especially from mixing boards and videotracks) lacks of the band's energy and it gives sometimes an annoying cranchy sound, which is very noticeable during the landover sbds, as far as 77 tour is concerned.... I would rather listen to the audience tape "What A Bunch of Loonies " 6/14/77 than the poor sounboard of the opening night...
  7. TSRTS, Louisville, Ky 4/25/77 a very misunderstood show overall IMO...
  8. The crowd though at the '77 gigs didn't get bored from the length of NQ but from Over The Top and Jimmy's noise solo...
  9. If a soundboard tape from the Forum shows came out in the near future, i would give it only one listen and never again just to hear clearly all the musical mistakes...i am pretty unconcerned about its existence...We already have the unbelieable sound quality of Millard's tapes and i don't give a fuck if the SBD tapes are out there... I wish though all the sbd's of 77 tour surfaced one day...
  10. Well....for me the Over Europe tour had lost most of the magic that the previous ones had, even like 1977 tour...the vibe from the crowd isn't there and the band (without exceptions ) doesn't seem to enjoy being on stage. Take for example Robert, who can be heard clearly saying "What a fuckin' horrible place" (!!) in Hannover's soundboard from 6-24-80. It might have been very tough for him touring at that particular time. Watching his bandmate (Jimmy) playing so sloppy must have been a very awkward moment too. But, my biggest problem with Over Europe is the unbelievable dryness of the so
  11. You are wrong IMHO. During ALS from the 5/25 show Jimmy is a bit sloppy and his fingers just stick on the guitar's frets but on the other side 5/30 is a damn good version with Robert's voice in a better mood.Jimmy nailed the solo too. Well, i have given a VERY carefoul listen to both shows in their entirity on my Hi-Fi system and the last show from Landover seems to be the most enjoyable one. In addition,the sounboard quality of 25 May isn't so great(a bit muddy and flat) and during the acoustic set the mandolin and the acoustic guitar seem to be much lower in the mix. I will wait for Godfa
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