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  1. Hell....i wish a summer tour of Europe in 2014 will happen !! I don't care if it's gonna be just the typical setlist or material that hasn't been performed yet...i just want to see the zeppelin before i die ! I am sure that Robert isn't just joking around wi th teasing quotes.....I 've got a feeling that the Reunion might happen
  2. Who else would really love a sounboard recording from the 23rd show ? (as the aud tape is quite muddy)
  3. TSRTS, Louisville, Ky 4/25/77 a very misunderstood show overall IMO...
  4. Haha yeah...the 23/4 tape from Atlanta is quite unlistenable....From what i know, the dude that taped the show had placed the tape recorder under his seat (!!) so tha'ts why the tracks sound so boomy and muddy.When i had to upload the particular gig on a bootleg site i gave it only 5/10 but i still think i have overrated it .....(Anyway, Bloomington 1970 or Wembley Empire Pool 1971 must be the worst recordings EVER) As for the Silverdome, i have the same feeling with Sue: I can't understand how is it possible among 76,229 people having ONLY ONE dinstant, moderate and not so enjoyable recording.I mean, nobody else felt like keeping a record from that epic show ? As far as the Pro-shot footage is concerned, i would like to give some hope among the forum's commuinty by saying that Who's new dvd release with footage from The Summit in Houston, Texas on November 20th 1975 was found recently (circa 2010) in a very old box in the venue's office by someone from the Summit's staff and given to a collector who finally sold it to Who.....What if something like that happened with the Pontiac footage ? I know that Jimmy maybe wouldn't have officially released it but i am sure that EVSD would have something done about it....Personally i give about 10 more years for the video to come out....We 'll see people....
  5. Hey Nutrocker, can you please give me a copy of that playlist ? Seems that youve made some pretty good selections from the Forum nights! Thanks a lot in advance and happy new year
  6. Really great photos ! I enjoyed them so much ! Thanks for posting them
  7. London, England @ Shepperton Studios (5 December 2007) What's up with this one? I really wonder...
  8. The audience recording of the Silverdome gig is really atrocious, but it's a must for any hardcore fan....The band that night was absolutely on fire and Jimmy was very concentrated at his solo parts. This one and the 21st June gig from the LA forum are maybe the best concerts from the whole tour... Anddd.....don't forget the possible existance of pro-shot footage that many fans would die to see.....me included
  9. I have one puppy female rottweiler , a very protective and friendly dog ! I love her n' she's very adorable !
  10. Well i am really sorry if you were offensed by my selection but,,,i think PG has a lot better stuff to show apart from In the Light....It's actually a good song but sounds a bit creppy for me especially till 3:00, i mean that i prefer Hats Off because it's a heavy bluesy song with a lot of meaning an passion....On the other side In the Light is something more psychedelic and different from the whole album....who knows...maybe i will get used to it P.S when i hear people saying they don't like Dyer Maker or Boogie with Stew i get real mad...
  11. The intro actually of "In The light" reminds me arabic music ..............
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