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  1. Great Race. Congratulations to Sebastian Vettel - 3 World Championships in a row! And I Sky+ed the first episode of the new series of 'Peep Show' and just watched it. Very funny, as usual
  2. You're asking a very difficult question to answer The Beatles were all born in England. Their family ancestry is Irish, same as many 'English' people. Liverpool is very close to Ireland geographically England has many accents, just like any country. For instance, Peyton Manning's thick southern drawl sounds nothing like Christopher Walken's voice, but they are both American
  3. I love all the Monty Python stuff. The TV series, the stage shows, the films, the records, the songs, etc. I still see 'new' comedy shows still ripping them off But I'd never want a reunion. Leave it in the past
  4. I can't tell a word he says when he sings, to be honest In an interview, I remember Plant saying something like "the words and vocals aren't as important as the music, they are just little lyrical punctuations"
  5. Think it was about 1998 or '99 I was about 12, 13 years old. My friend lent me his 'Early Days' CD and I instantly fell in love with the band
  6. Please tell me you're joking...! (English and Irish accents sound nothing like each other) Plant is English, from the West Midlands
  7. The problem with new, up-and-coming bands is they all sound the same. You should try to make your sound more individual Here's a list of Faith No More songs to help you on your way: Arabian Disco R n' R From Out of Nowhere Caffeine Digging the Grave Collision A band with a more punk sound are the BeatSteaks. Check out: http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=j3c7CggcQIA 'Panic' http://m.youtube.com/?reload=10&rdm=mdjiqo46j#/watch?feature=relmfu&v=uYtBNiNANa0 'Let Me In' or try the album versions!
  8. The Scorpions have had plenty of "Best of" albums. Now the band is retiring, I expect they'll have a few more They are so cheesy and 80s, and so typically German, I can't help but like them!
  9. Yeah, I'd put all the 'out-takes' back onto their original, intended albums
  10. I got family in Golden, British Columbia Visiting them (again) next year! They thought they got rid of me... They were wrong
  11. I love the drums on this song, the beat gives the song so much drive. Bonzo was really f*cking hammering away
  12. Not a day goes by that I don't type in "Jimmy Page, Scarlet, song recording" onto Yahoo! Search in hope of finding that track!
  13. Gasp!!!! 'The Rover' ... *and* 'Sick Again'?!!??!!!!!?
  14. I missed this last Week because I was looking after my nephew Not even seen a single highlight reel
  15. Would've loved to have been in the studio with Jimmy and the others when the song 'Scarlet' was recorded. And the same with the Beatles and John Lennon's solo career
  16. 'Angel Dust' by Faith No More. I would re-insert all the other songs they left off the album And I stuck together the best songs off of the 'Load' and 'ReLoad' records by Metallica onto one album. Was about half of one and half the other. Called it 'Fully LoadEd'
  17. Definitely try to get my hands on these
  18. Listened to both songs. They sounded too similiar and unoriginal. My guess is you're kinda young and inexperienced...? Try listening to Faith No More or Mr Bungle for some crazy ideas, and *don't be afraid of sounding unique or different* But at least you're out there playing stuff! Keep at it, and make sure you enjoy yourselves and have fun. Good luck with it
  19. Especially 'In the Evening', the intro alone is pure genius! My hope is, in the future, the whole album gets much more positive recognition
  20. My favourite guitar riff ever! And I always looked at this song as Robert Plant's 'signature' Led Zeppelin song
  21. Van Halen ripping off Led Zeppelin? Surely not... I've read a few things about Jimmy, Robert, JPJ and Bonzo not liking ‘Livin' Lovin' Maid’, but I reckon it's just a fun little rock tune with plenty of energy
  22. I'll be watching the last episode of Michael Palin's ‘Brazil’ travel series at 9pm
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