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  1. Great Race. Congratulations to Sebastian Vettel - 3 World Championships in a row! And I Sky+ed the first episode of the new series of 'Peep Show' and just watched it. Very funny, as usual
  2. Gasp!!!! 'The Rover' ... *and* 'Sick Again'?!!??!!!!!?
  3. I'll be watching the last episode of Michael Palin's ‘Brazil’ travel series at 9pm
  4. I saw that documentary about Lemmy. The man is hardcore Rock n' Roll to the f*cking limits And I respect him because he has always been true to himself and to the fans. He never let the band get commercialised
  5. Their version of 'Crossroads' is stunning Of the 3, 'Ginger' Baker is probably my favourite
  6. I really like those 4 songs. 'Candy Store Rock' is like a pastiche, '50s rock n' roll tune, done with a bit of humour for good measure Good to see some love for 'Carouselambra', though
  7. I know what you mean. If you tell someone you do yoga, they say things like "Are you gonna start eating lentils, play the sitar, and drive a VW Camper van than runs on vegetable oil, too?" (Neil on 'The Young Ones' http://www.cracked.com/funny-344-the-young-ones/ ) I've heard yoga works great alongside more strenuous, physical activity
  8. The guitar in 'All My Love' is understated beauty. Proof that not everything has to be power chords and complex riffs
  9. Coverage of the Presidential Election results starts at 11:30pm UK-time, so I'll be watching that all night... Hopefully it's gonna be hosted by Bruce Buffer
  10. The drum beat and guitar solo on 'Fool in the Rain' are great, then it's got the Brasilian Samba breakdown part in the middle, or whatever it is. I love it (There's a Thread about the drums somewhere, with an isolated audio track to hear Bonham's playing!) 'Dancing Days', I can see where you're coming from, it's more like a pop song. But it still sounds good to me
  11. Weather was sunny and warm enough for me to have my shorts on yesterday
  12. Yeah, and in the Summer I like Markeaton Park in Derby
  13. After buying a house, running a car is the next most expensive thing Why I like to walk everywhere whenever I can
  14. It's got my favourite ever guitar solo in it. And a drum pedal that goes 'Squeeek!'
  15. There's also the myth that ‘D'yer Mak'er’ was the song Sting copied for 'Every Breath You Take'... (Stewart Copeland, one of my favourite drummers!) The song - just like 'Hot Dog' - is definitely a lighter, more fun point in Led Zeppelin's career. Not every track needs the seriousness of 'In the Light', 'Ten Years Gone', or 'Achilles Last Stand' Their sense of humour is one of the reasons I love the band so much. The ending, and Bonzo's intro, to 'The Ocean' always make me smile. And which other band has a plane flying overhead and talking at the start of one of their songs?
  16. Just watched a not so good 'documentary' on BBC3. But I was pleasantly surprised when 'Going to California' came on as background music, though! I like that song: great melody from Robert and the guitar playing is just another example of Jimmy's brilliance
  17. What is about 'Hot Dog' people don't like? It's fun, energetic, got good guitar playing, has a sense of humour about it... And is that a honky-tonk piano in there, too? And the solo in ‘D'yer Mak'er’ is great, with a really good beat from Bonzo
  18. I was thinking of asking the same thing. I don't eat much, but I defintely can't afford brand name and premium stuff. Over here in the UK, 'organic' usually means it costs a lot more than the regular. Same goes for 'free range' We've got this thing '5-a-day fruit and vegetables', so I always have that as part of my diet. Doesn't fill you up like a cheeseburger does, though
  19. Nah, nothing like that. Just years of listening to Pink Floyd. Maybe I got kinda carried away But seriously, the solo in 'In the Evening' is one of my all-time Page favourites. I really like that whole album, even 'Carouselambra' and 'Hot Dog', which seem to have been singled out as low-points
  20. I work from home, so I try to be as energetic as I can. When I watch TV, I pedal on the exercise bike, or go running for at least 30 minutes every day, stuff like that And I walk everywhere, but that's because I'm such a bad driver more than anything else
  21. I thought 'In the Evening' should've been played at the Ahmet Ertegün Tribute. Not only is it fantastic, but Robert's vocal style at the show really suited that song, and it would've been great for them to do something from that album And I'm sure the slowed-down guitar solo section of 'In the Evening' is DEFINITELY Dave Gilmour!
  22. Of those songs, I'd say 'Living Loving Maid (She's Just a Woman)' is the weakest, but the rest are great! 'Sick Again' is one of my absolute favourites, not just from that album, but of all the band's stuff. When Bonzo's drums really kick in and it goes from being just another rock song to being a real ballbreaker Baoum-BaoumBaoum-Baoum-Baaoouumm! Durdldld, Durdldld, Durdldld, Durdldld... I just love everything about that song. The intro, the solo, the sound, the vocals, the production, the structure, the ending. All brilliant
  23. All those songs are great That INXS song 'Never Tear Us Apart' always reminds me of 'I’m Gonna Crawl'
  24. I love it too Someone told me that it's the single Led Zeppelin song where it's only Page & Plant, no Bonzo and JPJ on it. Dunno if that's true
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