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  1. It was definitely the song of the night for me, between the visuals and just the epic nature of it. All the different boots have problems, as all boots do I suppose. I was 50 to 60 feet back from the stage- just to the right, on the floor. Some songs I couldn't hear Page too well, there was a mountain of bass at times, at certain moments in Kashmir it got that way a little, but overall it sounded great! And not because I was living a total dream, it was just that good.
  2. I was at the show in Mesa Az which was heavily bootlegged including video. Mainly due to the fact it was an outdoor show with a giant hotel directly next door for a perfect view. My friends were all up in the hotel taping and drinking. Sadly- they were better at the drinking, but there are some good versions out there that people dubbed the audio/video together. I thought it was a great show. Page was really good for the majority of it. Honestly- I thought he played even better at the Ahmet/O2 show to be honest. Especially his riffs. You can find those Mesa vids pretty easy if you look.......
  3. Good point! As a cool secondary kind of memory- i was standing a little right of the center of the stage, and about as deep as the second "block" of seats to the right. Which is where M. Mason was sitting. And various other music celebs. And it was mighty cool to sneak a peek and see them air drumming and rocking out like everyone else.....
  4. Thanks Melanie 72, you are right! I felt extremely lucky. Most everyone around me at the show seemed to feel like me. Knebby is right. Lottery, ebay, celebrity donation to Ahmet's fund... however you look at it- the tickets were all paid for except for 20. And all for a great cause. It sucks for everyone who couldn't go for whatever reason. But meanwhile- some of our favorite people got together and put on a HELL of a good rock concert. Every fan is lucky for that. Tour or not. Those guys played as "Led Zeppelin" Lets pray for a DVD and take whatever else we get.
  5. Hi, it sounds like Red Eyed Richard plays a lot more than I do.... But, for some free lessons and some great demonstrations/advice etc. I would visit Adam Gussow's website, he has about 80 free lessons on youtube etc. You can see and hear all the things you are talking about. (And just like me not long ago- struggling with.) It is a terrific site www.modernbluesharmonica.com The guy even answered my novice silly emails, pretty cool! From one beginner to another...good luck to you!
  6. I have the same missing ocean on mine too, i think it is the case with all the bonus DVD's coming from mothership. Have heard this issue from friends too...
  7. Happy Birthday to the ONE man who can still wow the world with his riffs AND chew gum at the same time... I was lucky enough to watch you do it about a month ago.... so thank you for all the memories AND for the best christmas/new years present ever. Happy Birthday
  8. fantastic view!! congrats and welcome to the site!
  9. i realize i am so so lucky by having the chance to be there. and i have seen the footage (thanks Warby, you are awesome) I can see what everyone is saying, but from my well defended spot on the floor, it felt good watching. I cant give you specific moments really.. But there were a LOT of smiles. I think Plant was having a blast once he knew both his voice and his bandmates were up for the challenge. It is 2007 and this wasnt the 33rd show in 60days like back in the day. It was a different kind of show. But it was good for all of them from my spot. Lets all pray for a DVD so we can share the smiles together, ours and the bands.
  10. seems as though you are a big fan hotplant, and i was concerned about the same thing to be honest. I was a little afraid of Plant's attitude before that show started. But I was very close and by the time they made it to "black dog" I remember feeling so relieved because they were all really smiling and soon after- Plant is on his tipee toes really singing. They all had great moments at different times. But they were having them together.....You could almost feel it form where I stood. I have seen them all live at different points in the past. But playing together they were as, if not more- passionate. Especially after the first few songs. Everyone around me felt similar. We were also all proud. They really did it. It wasn't perfect- but it was way better than I even hoped or expected. Including the concerns we both shared hotplant. Happy holidays everyone!
  11. 18 cameras, and- they had at least 2 drop mic's hung above the crowd. The camera guy I spoke to didn't seem to think it was for the soundboard guys... Definitely not needed for the jumbo screens! I would love a DVD for a million reasons. Do a little editing and it would be brilliant!! It also could possibly save my life since i couldn't bring all my friends who still are stinging from not being picked...
  12. [i wasn't on the mailing list until AFTER I won my first round ticket code, so I think your theory is just that.] Maybe so yeah, i meant more about the 2nd and 3rd rounds... since there were some major adjustments to the policy. But who knows....
  13. i absolutely wouldnt say that jason is as good as his dad, and i am very sure it wont be the greatest led zeppelin concert ever, and of course it wont be truly be a led zeppelin concert in many ways. And you are 100% right, there will be posts EXCATLY as you describe!! I am a fan of Jason B. I have heard him at a tiny drum clinic years ago in front of 50 people, and in concert w/page too. I just know he can, and with conviction. And sure the 2 mini-gigs they have done since haven't "tarnished" their reputation or legacy etc. But they did play those gigs, and since they did- and because they were... say... sub-par to be polite.. FOR ME is the one true chance for them to really rock it, just one time under the lights with Jason behind them- all their fans behind them. Plant saids they need it, its for the right reasons, i hope it is just ONE time, and i hope it is beautiful. Everyone enjoy the show!
  14. Well that is the one beauty of the internet!! It joins us for things like this, and you can bet there will be a million accounts and pic's etc from the show. If it truly is a one off... which in a purist way I hope it is... it will be probably the most documented show ever! And IMO with the all the inevitable illegal capturing of this show- and all the bootleg issues that aready exist, they will make this show availiable to everyone! Lets hope so!
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