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  1. For me the How The West Was Won version is by far my favorite - and not just because it is from an official release! The little vocal interjections Plant does during the would-have-been "makes me wonder" parts are melodic and really cool and Jimmy's solo is so fluid and calculated and has this flow to it that I think he lost after 1972 - the solo section is just more energetic from the drums down to the guitar licks than for example the versions post-73
  2. Thank you guys for the in depth responses! These will keep me busy for a while haha Oh and to the poster a couple of replies ago, I actually quite like the Listen to this Eddie boot, but I just didn't know if there were any AUD sources that were as good or even bettter, not that it isn't good. I acutally love it, it really captures the band at a energetic and creative peek live
  3. I was listening to the Earl's Court May 24th 1975 show and even though the quality is fantastic Robert's voice is pretty shot and is a rough listen. Comparing that to the Listen to this Eddie show where the quality is not super great as it is an audience recording but the performance is amazing. So I do realize that there are a whole lot of bootleg request threads out there and I was hesitant to create this one, but I am curious as to what the shows are that have Robert's vocals at its best, the band playing tight, AND a great quality soundboard (or REALLY good AUD) recording. So far I have 5/24/75, the Supreme Destroyers 1977 show, and the LIsten to this Eddie recordings
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