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  1. kingzoso

    Backstage arguments?

    What about the time when Bonzo punched Percy back stage in Japan because Robert refused to pay Bonham back over petrol (gas) money?
  2. It still breaks My heart that Ronnie James DIO is no longer with US. I know that there are other threads related to Ronnie, however, I wanted to start a new one because He deserves all that His loyal fans can and do really appreciate. From what I have seen, read and heard, RJD really Loved and Appreciated His fans from all over the World. I had the privelage to see him twice and even got to shake His hand when He came offstage to greet all His fans. After Robert Plant, Ronnie James DIO is my favorite Singer. LONG LIVE RONNIE JAMES DIO!!! http://youtu.be/bkysjcs5vFU http://youtu.be/1jX5vJgXoDo http://youtu.be/wxxOPvLg7o0
  3. kingzoso

    Binge Watching favorites (TV)

    I think that the whole "Homeland" series was spectacular and awesome. Try the "Americans". That was a great series also.
  4. kingzoso

    What are you watching on TV now?

    "Eastbound and Down". This show is.funny as Fuck.
  5. kingzoso

    The Super Bowl Thread

    Most of you know that I am a diehard Saint Louis Cardinals Baseball fan, but I am also a Saint Louis Rams fan. I lived in Saint Louis when the Rams won the Super Bowl In 1999. I despise the NE Patriots so I hope that the Los Angeles Rams blow away the Patriots.
  6. kingzoso

    Happy Birthday John Paul Jones!

    Happy Birthday John Paul Jones!!!. You are the Greatest Musician to ever walk the Planet Earth.
  7. kingzoso

    My Television shows.

    I hav,e all these shows and series' on Blu-Ray or DVD: The Americans American Horror Story Better Call Saul Boardwalk Empire Breaking Bad Californication Deadwood The Deuce Entourage Friday Night Lights Game of Thrones Homeland House of Cards Mad Men Narcos Nurse Jackie Orange is the New Black Ozark Oz Ray Donovan Six Feet Under Sons of Anarchy The Sopranos The Twilight Zone The Walking Dead Weeds The Wire X-Files Are there any other Great TV shows that I need to purchase? Any suggestions?
  8. kingzoso

    Breaking Bad

    The last eight episodes are due to arrive in the next couple of months. It is a great secret what will happen to Walter White and his Family and to his partner, Jessie Pinkman. Followers of this Great show will understand what I am referring to. Whatever happens to Walter White or Jessie Pinkman, "Breaking Bad" is one of the Best shows Ever. We will find out the "fate" of Walter and Jesse in the next few months. Regardless of what the Final Outcome of the end of "Breaking Bad" is, this show will go down in television "History" as one of the Greatest shows of all-time. It ranks with the "Sopranos" and "Game of Thrones" as to the Top Five Shows ever made for Television. Long Live WALTER WHITE, AKA, HEISENBERG!!!!
  9. kingzoso

    The "Walking Dead"

    The Walking Dead is just another Great American Made and Produced T.V. Show that is currently on its fifth season on the same AMC network that brought the civilized world, Breaking Bad (in My Opinion, perhaps the Greatest American Television Show of All-Time). It seems as though the Walking Dead is currently the number one show on American Television. I will admit that I just became a huge fan of this show only about a month ago, however, I have seen and am caught up to the end of the 4th season and now watching and anticipating this new 5th season. So, fellow Led Zeppelin fans and purveyors of great Music and Television, what is your opinion on the AMC show, the Walking Dead?
  10. This topic may already exist (and if it does, I apologize) but I think that if Us fans of Led Zeppelin are of simliar tastes alot of Us are also fans of Priest and Maiden. In Your opinion, which of these two Heavy Metal Giants do you prefer? Myself, I Love both. I can't really say who u is better or superior. In My opinion, they both have a discography that ranks as some of the Greatest songs in Heavy Metal History. Please agree or disagree with Me.
  11. kingzoso

    2018 MLB season thread

    I think that he wants to be the first player to get a 400 million contract in the history of Major League Baseball. Like I said, it might be my Saint Louis Cardinals to offer him a contract.
  12. kingzoso

    What are you watching on TV now?

    House of Cards is a gopd series. What season are you on?
  13. kingzoso

    2018 MLB season thread

    I am seeing things on Facebook that Bryce Harper might sign with the Saint Louis Cardinals this off season.
  14. kingzoso

    2018 MLB season thread

  15. kingzoso

    2018 MLB season thread

  16. kingzoso

    2018 MLB season thread

    Really? How old are you? If you want to play that game, your 2018 Baltimore Orioles lost more games this season in the history of Baseball. I will not sink to your level of extremely rude name calling. Again, really? Edited to add: I should point out that I don't care what you call me (or anyone else), it is just the fact rhat you feel the need to say/post really stupid shit to someone you have never me.
  17. kingzoso


    Nobody won the estimated $500+ million dollar Powerball jackpot. Powerball is played in 44 States, Washington D.C., Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands. The next Powerball drawing will on Saturday, January 9, 2016 (Jimmy's Birthday). The new estimated jackpot at the moment is around $675 million dollars. What would do if you won around $413.1 million dollars (the cash option value)? Actually here in Texas, that amount would be an approximate payout of $309,825,000 after the I.R.S. gets their cut. I would offer Jimmy Page, Robert Plant, John Paul Jones and Jason Bonham $25 million dollars to play a one-time 3+ hour private concert for me, my family, my friends and my friends here on this forum. Any requests??? Edited to add: The only stipulation I would have is that I get to pick the songs that Jimmy, Robert, Jonesy and Jason would play. The first song on that very long list would be "In the Light" (you will find the road...).
  18. kingzoso

    2018 MLB season thread

    I want the Brewers to win tonight too.
  19. kingzoso

    2018 MLB season thread

    Clayton Kershaw is, in my opinion, the most overrated pitcher of alll-time. Being a Saint Louis Cardinals fan, I cannot believe that I am rooting for the Milwaukee Brewers. I so dislike the Los Angeles Dodgers that I have no choice to want to see the Brewers beat the Dodgers. Since I was born in Galveston, Texas in 1970 and I grew up in Houston, the Astros are My second favorite team. My Baseball loyalties are strong. Even though I am a die-hard Cardinals fan, I am also a die-hard Houston Astros fan. It really does not matter to me who wins the NLCS, the Houston Astros are going to be the World Series Champions for 2 years in a row.
  20. kingzoso

    2018 MLB season thread

    Houston Astros over Milwaukee Brewers in 5 in the 2018 World Series.
  21. kingzoso

    2018 MLB season thread

    Milwaukee Brewers versus Los Angeles Dodgers: Milwaukee. Houston Astros versus Boston Red Sox: Houston. 2018 World Series: The Milwaukee Brewers vs. The Houston Astros. 2018 World Series Champions: The Houston Astros. Two time consecutive World Series Champions.
  22. kingzoso

    2018 MLB season thread

  23. kingzoso

    2018 MLB season thread

    The Chicago Cubs are out!!! I want to see Oakland win latwr today. Houston Astros all the way.
  24. kingzoso

    2018 MLB season thread

    I hope rhar the Rockies beat the Cubs tonight.
  25. This is a topic devoted to sleep(ing). Any replies about said topic are appreciated and also very relevant and may even help out others who may have difficulty in finding and getting a "good nights rest". Me, personally, have always loved to sleep. Ever since I was a little kid. Besides the sleeping, I have always loved to dream. Sometimes My dreams have become a reality (both good and bad. No winning the lottery, however). Again, ever since I can remember, I have to sleep with 3 pillows. One under Me head, the second under Me arm and the third in between My legs. If I am somewhere other than My own bed and have only one pillow, I somehow find a way to have something under My head and always a pillow or something between My legs. Otherwise, I have a somewhat difficult time falling asleep. Does anyone else have any good, bad, strange, tips, suggestions, etc... on this SLEEP topic?