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    Playing the guitar Led Zeppelin's and AC/DC's songs. Rock'N'Roll, jazz, blues.
  1. And Jimmy and Eddie are great. Page has beautiful solo in Stairway and Eddie in Eruption. I think they are no to compare.
  2. I think that He can sing The Rain Song, Over The Hills And Far Away. Why didn't They do it? Because they didn't want to play it. His voice is fine but he can't sing that high as he could. I think it's only problem.
  3. They shouldn't have support. Led Zeppelin is power. Not support and Zeppelin.
  4. Happy Birthday Jimmy! You're my inspiration.
  5. I use Guitar Pro 3 and 5. I download tabs from ultimate-guitar and 911tabs.com. I always checked tabs and add my own corrects. I do it by ear. I think it's the best way above book.
  6. The best singers are Robert Plant and Freddie Mercury. They're Gods.
  7. Of course I want to see Led Zeppelin in next tour!
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