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  1. Hard to choose, each was a perfect fit, but I'll have to go with the "Pagemaster"!!
  2. I remember seeing Virginia Wolf with the firm (Mean Business tour), and I've seen a few of his "Bonham videos". I thought it was cool he did the Zeppelin Atlantic Records thing, and toured with Jimmy Page, after that really didn't hear too much about him. Seeing him on That Metal Show, he sounds like he's really grown up over the years. He was fantastic at the 02 show, hard some hard shoes to fill and he was brilliant, I'm hoping his Led Zep experience comes here to Atlanta-would love to check it out. When asked--what's one of the benefits of being a relative in the wold's greatest rock and roll band?, something you've done which stands out growing up Jason-well, how many people can say Led Zeppelin played at their wedding? (great answer!!-That Metal Show)
  3. And again the debate goes on..., I used to really love this song, I heard it once said the "beauty of a song is in it's simplicity". But then I got caught up in that Jimmy's a Satanist (never believed it, if he was it's his problem not mine), Jimmy practiced black magic (sure pal-I was born at night time too). Jimmy's fascination with Aleister Crowley-the words were lifted from one of his witchcraft manuscripts (hmm-that's interesting, but still see no real reference). None the less, I become cautious of it, but still admired it's brilliance, and the mystique behind it. As for Mr Page and the rumors, he has a fascination with the occult, so do I-does that make me a Satanist-not even close, not gonna turn this into a religious debate but let's just say, the more you know about your enemies-the easier it is to understand them. That's my view, as well as Jimmy has his, practice witchcraft and sorcery? Doubt it-that rumor probably got started cause of the "Crowley thing"--but again where does the meaning of Stairway... figure into this, it doesn't. I did find something interesting, there is a castle over there, rumored to be haunted-if you listen at times, you can hear a piper playing, and at times a lady with a dark cloak will appear from time to time, she even has a statue in the front. This statue and the folklore behind may've inspired Jimmy with some of it's lyrics--again "may have", only he and Robert Plant know for sure. I read the lyrics and I see a lost soul trying to find their way. The devil is a deceiver, and she wants to make sure she gets it right, not go the "lost route". Voices of people and smoke through the trees-obviously she's not alone, words have 2 meanings-make sure she gets the right meaning, 2 paths-you still have time to change the road you're on, telling us to "get it right"? I could go on, but won't, I will say this, just sit back and let your mind wander, and let the interpretation come as you here it. "and it makes me wonder" It sure does and I'll leave it at that.
  4. I'm jealous!! I got the same thing at the same company store and mine cost $32, small price to pay for an awesome show, only 2 deluxes left-now there's only only 1, plenty of cd sets, and 2 cd/1 dvd sets left (and blue rays), was 2 busy enjoying 13 hour Zep marathon on "the river" yesterday. What a celebration for the Celebration Day release. "Hey Mick! you recording this!! Good, haven't played it that well since 1910"--Robert Plant after Since I've Been Loving You rehearsal.
  5. Has a few "great" songs on it, may sound awesome cause the material is fresh, not lots of airplay like the rest. But their best work? Not really, now that you've got their entire collection check out their real early works and if you get a chance try to find some Yardbirds stuff, that's where their roots started. (Live Yardbirds featuring Jimmy Page is scary-it has Zeppelin all over it, even though they wouldn't be around for another year). I'm a fan of all their works but prefer their earliest, their first 5. If you truly listen to coda you can pinpoint the approximate time each song may've been recorded and what album it was left off, glad these tracks would later be released--but not their finest..
  6. I saw the movie, then bought the soundtrack (late 1979), my first studio album was their 4th, then I went and bought the rest, hehehehe. LZ II is my favorite of the studios, but nothing sounds better than live Zeppelin. Looking forward to adding Celebration Day to my collection.
  7. awesome video-was an awesome movie as well, but with Zeppelin-how can it not be awesome??
  8. I'll be getting the 2 cd, 2 dvd, (cd, dvd, with dvd bonus footage) when it comes out--can't wait!!
  9. I see lots for Graffiti-I agree, a very diverse album. I'm a fan of the band's "true sounds", so I'm always partial to live recordings, so natural it's The Song Remains the Same--catching Zeppelin at their peak and in their prime. As far as studio albums go, it would be Zeppelin II, I love that original bluesy sound they started with, and of course their first, Houses, and their fourth are all close seconds, hehehehe. I think what makes these guys so unique is each album when released (outside the first 2) "didn't make sense" at the time, but become musical works of art. At the time they were so misunderstood and now some 30+ years later the public is seeing the true geniuses they really were, something true Zeppelin fans already knew.
  10. Took me awhile to get mine too, if it's on back order you won't here until the merchandise comes in--won't be charged either until then. Once the items are verified, you'll be charged then notified with a tracking number, then it only takes about a week. You could call the 1-800 number posted, you'll get an answer much quicker. If the items are wrong, call them and they'll make it right for you. They sent me a wrong shirt, told me to keep it cause it was their mistake and they'd send me the right one they messed up on. Hope that helps. .
  11. All My Love-gotta stay with the Mighty Zeppelin
  12. How 'bout those Patriots!! Follow the Rams all the way to London then stomp them to the ground, looks like veal on the menu tonight!! Atlanta goes to Philly and completely dominates, to remain unbeaten, they play like this in January they should be able to get further then the first game. My 49ers play Arizona tomorrow, a game they need to win, a team they still struggle with.
  13. I caught that too, but when you click, Amazon has it correct, I'll be getting mine that day-woohoo!!
  14. Don't forget the Firm, his Outrider solo album (who was that drummer? Jason ummm...), as well as Coverdale/Page too
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