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  1. I remember seeing Virginia Wolf with the firm (Mean Business tour), and I've seen a few of his "Bonham videos". I thought it was cool he did the Zeppelin Atlantic Records thing, and toured with Jimmy Page, after that really didn't hear too much about him. Seeing him on That Metal Show, he sounds like he's really grown up over the years. He was fantastic at the 02 show, hard some hard shoes to fill and he was brilliant, I'm hoping his Led Zep experience comes here to Atlanta-would love to check it out. When asked--what's one of the benefits of being a relative in the wold's greatest rock and roll band?, something you've done which stands out growing up Jason-well, how many people can say Led Zeppelin played at their wedding? (great answer!!-That Metal Show)
  2. All My Love-gotta stay with the Mighty Zeppelin
  3. Don't forget the Firm, his Outrider solo album (who was that drummer? Jason ummm...), as well as Coverdale/Page too
  4. That Johnny 5 is something else ain't he? Reminds me of a young Jimmy Page doing a bunch of 'crazy stuff' to get these "off the wall sounds", people call it noise, I see it as progression--"what type of sound can I create from this instrument"--the violin bow across a doubleneck--where'd that come from, hmmmm My favorites, of course Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Rainbow (early Rainbow--love Ritchie Blackmore-he's no Page, but he can rock), Dio, Iron Maiden, Metallica, Judas Priest, Ozzy, Guns n Roses (original lineup) and a few others who I like some of their stuff--Black Sabbath, Megadeth, Motorhead, LA Guns. I'm more into the bluesier stuff--Paul Rodgers and any of his ventures has to be one of my favorites. It's a shame the firm lasted as short as they did, would've loved to see that pairing of Rodgers and Page go on some more.
  5. KISS with Buckcherry, Alive35--still sounded awesome and their show is really something else, before thsat was Skynyrd-love those guys--saw them a quite few times!!
  7. Spending my babes 31st birthday with her today, and of course 1 day closer!! IS IT THE 17TH YET???
  8. What Is And What Should Never Be--name escapes me (yeah right!!)--THE MIGHTY LED ZEPPELIN!!!!
  9. September 28th 2012--Zeppelin's #1 (very debatable, hehehehehe) joins the Zeppelin forum
  10. and wouldn't you know, I find them after posting my comment-no Atlanta?? BUMMER!!!
  11. Tour dates??, saw it on Live Nation but nothing near Atlanta, may be worth checking out
  12. Been a long time since i rock and rolled!!

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