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  1. It's actually fun to take all the 'offcuts' from Graffiti, Coda, Remasters etc and make a play list putting them back when they were recorded - so Baby Come On Home at the end of the first album, Poor Tom with Zep 3, The Rover with Houses etc. It gives you a much more accurate picture of their sonic progression. I personally love listening to the 8 songs specifically recorded for Physical Graffiti in a row. They're a mighty bunch. Only one gripe: why couldn't they have an actual bass guitar on Kashmir? I think that song (classic though it is) is somewhat lacking sonically without a big bottom end.
  2. Presence was the first album I got into. The guitar intros to Achilles, Nobody's, Candy and Tea were what reeled me in. I actually agree with Barney Hoskyns in his new book when he describes Presence as "strangely cold", but I love it. I think it holds a very particular place in their catalogue, and is indispensible. By the way, I can hear an acoustic in Candy Store Rock. It's mixed back, but it's there. Maybe that's why Page and Plant did it unplugged in Montreax in the 90s.
  3. This is probably a bit of a boring answer, but I don't think I've heard a better live version that the one off TSRTS.
  4. Not me! I'm 50 in December and have had a love affair with Zep since I was 13 in 76. I camped outside a record store in NZ when I was 16, waiting for it to open so I could buy ITTOD and put water on the artwork! I convinced myself it was a masterpiece, which it wasn't. Oh well, I can't think of any of the greats who have a flawless catalogue. I love the Beatles too, but boy are there some stinkers in that catalogue. Maxwell's Silver Hammer, anyone? Sorry - this is a Zep forum.
  5. I didn't say I didn't like them. I said the only one I actively dislike is D'yer etc. There's some I think are a bit ordinary, but I can listen to the lot of them. I dislike D'yer only.
  6. Umm, for me there's probably really only one song I actively dislike, and that's D'yer Maker. There's a bunch that I think are kind of ordinary, and they are: Your Time Is Gonna Come (chorus is not exactly inventive) I Can't Quit You Baby (not a classic blues) Thank You (very much of its time) Moby Dick (don't need drum solos on studio albums, despite the great riff that starts and ends the piece) The Crunge (fun, but throw-away) Dancing Days (I find the riff a bit monotonous) The Ocean (really annoying, as I LOVE most of the song, but find the doo-wop stuff tacked on the end a bit lazy and deflating) Down By The Seaside (pretty twee, although I love the middle section) Boogie With Stu (throwaway) Tea For One (a bit tedious, but has it's moments) Poor Tom (not much of a song, more of a groove) South Bound Saurez (throwaway, and doesn't really sound much like a Zep song to me) Fool In The Rain (not bad and quite inventive, but it goes on way too long) Hot Dog (throwaway, with a sloppy solo) Darlene (fun, but not exactly essential) Then there's the stuff where not only are the songs a bit ordinary, but I can't stand the production! They are: In The Evening (the synth sound is horribly dated; Page's riff sounds tired and monotonous; it goes on too long, and the vocals are produced and mixed in such a way that you can barely understand a word) Carouselambra (once again, the synth sounds are so much "of their time", and Robert's vocals are so submerged it's ridiculous. Also goes on too long) All My Love (very "pop", but again it's the synth sounds that don't float my boat) I'm Gonna Crawl (great solo, but apart from the Mantovani bit at the beginning - those bloody sythns again! - it just sounds tired) Walter's Walk (awful production, and not much of a song. It doesn't matter if the drums were recorded in Headly Grange and sound huge - you've still got to have a song. The vocals are hard to make out, too. Glad they turned part of this into Hots On For Nowhere) Bonzo's Montreaz (as in Moby Dick, we don't need drum solos on studio albums. And this one doesn't even have a great riff at the beginning and end. Skip!) Ozone Baby (not much of a song, and the vocals are annoying) Wearing and Tearing (their most overrated outtake? The riff, with it's major, rather than minor, notes is hardly breathtaking. To me this is all noise and bluster - a million miles from their best) After all that, I think everything else in their catalogue is fantastic. Sure, we've all OD'd on the radio staples like Whole Lotta Love, Rock'n'Roll etc, but that doesn't mean that these aren't landmark songs, performances and recordings. Andrew
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