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  1. Thanks all. Nothing happened, life just evolves. Interests change, and demands on my free time have grown. All of which will allow me to have a smaller footprint on the internet. 1 or 2 trading sites is all I need and will have time for going forward. I have been a member here since 2004/2005 and figured saying goodbye was only polite. It was a pleasure to know a lot of you over the years. Back to hibernation and deleting the bookmark.
  2. Don't you hate it when people seem to just disappear into the ether, never to be heard from again? I am bucking that trend and am out of here. So long folks. It was nice to meet and know some of you, others I wish I had that time back in my life after reading your posts. Good luck.
  3. 3hrsoflunacy


    It amazes me what comes out of attorneys' mouths sometimes. He tried to detonate a bomb but yet is not a danger to the public? Please!!! The National Democratic Party Channel, or MSNBC as they like to be called, not only doesn't report on the Benghazi story; they find it laughable that Fox keeps bringing it up. Obummer is the real Teflon Don, Gotti got nothing on him.
  4. In OH, it wasn't the Governor, it was the secretary of state. And the point of my statement was maybe now that Obummer has clearly and decisively won the election he can apply some influence in states with long polling lines to clean up the process. Unlikely, but hopeful sentiments on my part.
  5. Too hot in AZ, but thanks for the offer. I think the only states that do not or were not proposing a university issued student id card as acceptable were the only ones who weren't fair. Elderly, urban, and/or poor people can get a state issued ID card from the DMV. I don't think that is unfair, maybe a little inconvenient, but not unfair.
  6. Yes, I know. Hence the words "this state seems to do SOMETHING right." Maybe Obummer can drop a hint to some governors in places like FL since it is a state issue I know, I live here.
  7. I think it is a long stretch to assume I don't like living here because I insinuated CA does something right. Not waiting a long time at the polling place is a good thing. However, I have thought about moving, but I have 2 kids in high school, and I promised one of them I wouldn't move until she is done.
  8. No id's required at my precint. Just tel them your name and address. Even my brother, who no longer lives here, came back and voted because he is too lazy to register in his county. I should turn him in. Edit: I favor needing an acceptable ID to vote. You need it for just about everything else around here. Maybe if they put the laws into effect now, the people that bitch about it will have enough time to get one before the next election. P.S. Obummer said "let's fix this" in regards to the polling places and their long lines, etc. Hopefully not another empty promise. I have voted in C
  9. I don't think it can be boiled down to 1 thing that cost him the election. First and foremost almost all of news channels were clearly in Obama's favor, which certainly is going to influence the uninformed voter. Secondly, the GOP was painted negatively on all social issues, not just immigration. Third, every time a politician opened his mouth and said something really stupid about rape, abortion, etc. it was a Repub. Lastly, in the primaries Mitt had to appeal to the base and be conservative to get the nomination. Once he got it, he had to move to the center to appeal to the broader electorat
  10. I lived in Irvine for 14 years. I disagree.
  11. Just because we have a lot of outtakes already doesn't mean these specifically are the ones he will be adding to the box sets. I welcome whatever he chooses to add, regardless if I have it or not because I assume it will be in better quality.
  12. I agree, but Pelosi won in a landslide in her district - 84.7% Those people love her for some reason.
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