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  1. Recieved mine today,that was quick delivery.I watched the bonus dvd first and then the main concert,just fantastic.Thanks Jimmy,Robert,John and Jason God Bless You All.................
  2. Never liked rolling stone magazine..............
  3. The Celebration Day deluxe version from Amazon has dropped to $26.99.I perordered mine sometime ago.
  4. Have any of you wrote to a band member and recieved a reply back.
  5. Would anyone know if the band members ever surf this site.
  6. New to this great site,should have joined on day one.Ive been a Led Zeppelin nut since the 70s,I listen to Led Zep all the time but for some reason the fall season I listen to Led Zep more then normal.Fall is my favorite season,leafs change and its cooler out added Zep to it is the perfect touch.Anyone out there feel the sameway.The best rock group period even surpassing the Beatles and the Rolling Stones.
  7. It was just a stock Soldano SLO.
  8. Nice list you have,I believe(assuming) Jimmy used the Soldano SLO during the recording of Coverdale/Page.I cant find any pictures of Jimmy with the Soldano SLO.
  9. I called Soldano and found out the information.The Soldano SLO was purchased in 1991 serial# 91625 and sent to Jimmy.
  10. Hello new to this great site and Im also a guitar player have been for 35 years or so.Would anyone know any information/pictures of Jimmy Page's Soldano SLO also is there a list of Jimmy's amps from past to present,Thanks......
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