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  1. No growth? I think so, it's brilliant, very diverse; tracks like Too Bad, Shooting Stars, Feral Roots, All Directions, and Stood By Me are styles of songs they've never done before and they come off quite well IMO. The best band on the planet right now..... ^^^
  2. Incredible album, I've listened to it 20 times straight thru already. Jay Buchanan sounds incredible as does the whole band on this. This album needs to be listened to in its entirety straight through, don't cherry pick tracks; it flows really well the way it's tracked. There's a track called Stood By Me that sounds like it came off Sticky Fingers, amazing! Now, I'm going to cherry pick some of my personal fave's..LOL
  3. So fucking talented and good, Jesus.......
  4. This is well within Jay's range, the guy takes serious risks with his art; see Black Coffee cover. I think this is brilliant and raw:
  5. Sabbath and Rival sons @ L.A. Forum, then the next night Rival Sons solo show at the Observatory in Santa Ana.
  6. Love the band, but not in love with this new track. Scott's solo near the end is weird and doesn't fit the groove of the song IMO. The drumming of Miley stands out though, fantastic!
  7. My pleasure, these guys are just on fire right now; have to be seen live to fully appreciate their music.
  8. Madison Square Garden few nights ago, BRILLIANT!
  9. They're playing some headline shows in select cities while they're on tour, they're playing a headline show tonight in Nashville.
  10. Great HD footage here from the Kansas City show; these guys are amazing live.
  11. Twelfth row L.A Fourm opening for Sabbath, they KILLED IT!!
  12. I saw them live twice, the best being the millennium show in Los Angeles at Staples Center; AMAZING GIG!! IMO, they are the best American Band of all time; their record sales and catalog speak for themselves.
  13. He was definitely on last night at the Forum, unlike the first couple of shows on this tour. I saw the same vids you did and wasn't sure what to expect last night honestly. He pulled it together for sure, 14 song set may have helped him too; last couple of shows they've dropped a couple of songs they were playing in earlier shows.
  14. Saw Black Sabbath last night at The Forum in Los Angeles, my first Sabbath gig; what a GIG!! Confession, I was there to see Rival Sons the opening band, really into them right now and they absolutely KILLED IT!! As for Sabbath, I admit, I was skeptical; heard whispers that Ozzy was done, voice shot etc....BULLSHIT!! I was 12th row on the floor right in front of Geezer and Ozzy and Sabbath just absolutely blew the roof of the Forum. It was really stunning. I was taken aback how bluesy they are, you hear all the metal references and so forth, but their grooves and power are blues based. Go see these guys, they definitely have something left in the tank.
  15. Black Sabbath with Rival Sons 2/11 and then Rival Sons headline show the next night 2/12!
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