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  1. It will never happen, not by any band, ever! For many reasons all in sync with each other. First of all, Led Zeppelin was a transition band and laid down one of the founding blueprints for rock music. All other music after Led Zeppelin was based on their arangements. Led Zeppelin did to rock, what the early blues legends did to folk music. The music completely changed after that. Can't replace a founding father. Can't replace the beginning. The other reason, in regard to the authors complaint that bands are now held down. The industry has also changed with our new media. There wont be mega-bands filling stadiums with 100,000 people...few and far inbetween from here on out. When Zep did it, and Frampton and the Stones, they created the foundation once again. Today its a lot more expensive to pull off and a lot more regulated. Today, everything is programmed, coriographed, planned, there aren't any accidents. Back in those days, the music media was extremely limited, both on who was performing it and where we could aquire it. Today, its every where, on everything and in practically every country. There are millions of bands. Can't replace a founding father, all you can do is carry on their work, maybe if your really good..take it to the next level.
  2. CONGRATULATIONS ROBERT AND ALISON! Excellent tour, hope to see you again. I'll even dance next time, no matter how embarrising it will be for all of us J
  3. Putting things into hypathetical perspective. If Zeppelin toured the states this year...the only people that would attend are CEO's and their children. Everyone else is broke in America. 8 years of brutal Republican rule has left our country in ruins. At some point, ya have to put down the bong and pick up a shovel and go to work. We have huge obstacles to over come in coming years. Both in our tiny bubble and in the nation and world. Zeppelin will always be my favorite band. But, I'm not holding my breath on meeting any of them. Hasn't happened yet, probebly wont. I'm just not in the mood to party, at least not for the next few years. I've contemplated it a thousand times...I'd have nothing new to say, they havent heard from the other 50 million fans, lol. At 47 years old, its time to take life seriously before we run out of time. There are plently of other young zep heads coming up the ladder to buy the cd's a hundred times over. Rock on! No regrets! Best music EVER!
  4. I totally agree with you about the priorities of what our world faces today. I think that is the case for most people that come into this forum. A lot of us are mid-way through our own lives and full of responsability. Long gone are the dreams of being in a rock band, replaced by a myriad of responsabilitys and duties...a lot of us come here just to chit chat about our fav rock band, its that simple. For me to even contemplate entering the music business would be a huge massive step backwards in my life, probebly wouldnt survive it anyway, too old now and too far behind life's simple struggles. It would be a huge burden to carry along with all the responsabilities I have to meet on a day to day basis. But that doesnt mean we cant come to forums like this and chit chat about our childhood dreams. With all due respect I'd probebly have a heart attack if I ever did get to meet these guys from shear excitement. It is important that you bring up current social issues in todays world. Part of our current problems are from generations of drug induced kids that simply werent paying enough attention to what is really important. Myself included. Another aspect is also, this band is relatively silent when it comes to the worlds issues and problems. Most folks today are not anti-establishement, most folks at every age are part of the community spirit and fully informed and engaged in the social struggles of today. Music is a small portion of what is really really important. One has to take into consideration the cost of concert tickets today being so astronomical...the fans that can afford current ticket prices are fully engaged in society on all levels. Few acid popping fans have the personal responsability to pay $300 a ticket! A band that produces anti-establishment music, is really out of the curve today. They are playing to the lazy folks, that simply don't want to work for a living. We will have record breaking turnout in America's election today. That alone, tells the story of where most folks are.
  5. Ok you clarified a few miss-understandings or views I had and I agree with you. I'm not trying to second guess anything. I don't follow the interviews....it's important to not obsess over others, for ones own identity. As far as corporate. Ummmmmmmmmm. Jimmy played guitar on the New York Stock Market exhange, that changed the perception! And its not a bad thing either! It is what it is. I think it would be impossible to do a world tour without corporate sponsership. So I'm not complaining about that either....shit wish I had corporate sponsers, lol. Just think how limited our options for entertainment would be without corporate sponsership, not to mention 95% of my customers work for corporations themselves. Zeppelin embraced their corporate sponsers early on and to good end. They probebly wouldnt be as big as they are without that capital and resources backing them. And they may have at one time been anti-establishement back in the day. But today, they are the establishment!
  6. But my favorite is when certain members imply they're tight with the band, as if they can read their minds or they have a cozy relationship with them, and we all know it's total bullshit. This is what happens when you listen to the same tunes over and over and over for 30 years. And you do anything to attend any concert they have. Then you spend a lifetime trying to learn the music after you have memorized it note for note. The important thing is to remember they are a rock band, this is a product. There is probebly nothing more terrerfying to an artist than an obsessed fan. Zeppelin is one strong portion of our full and diversified lives. If you have been listening and following the music your entire life and have never met any of them in person. There is a good chance they dont know who you are...and if you walked up to them in total commodery..it would be news to them. You might get a face to face meeting with their body guard! When your entire relationship is based on "paying money" to see "your friend", they arent neccassarily your friend. That is not to say friendships that transcend money and actual presence dont exist, because they do. But in most cases its the latter....Depends on your perspective and awareness.
  7. Absolutely Agree! Especially when Zeppelin music has brought so many people of different values together under one roof. United we stand, devided we fall. The anomosity in post's tells the story of a dedicated member, or a newbee that is clueless. Every single member of the band including Jason is a "living legend". We all need to be greatfull that any of them are still creating music, when in all Reality...none of them need the money or the ego boost. At this point they have nothing to prove, its already been proven. Anything they put out now is for the fan...we need to be greatfull for such appreciation. We are all fortunate to have each other at all , music brings people together and helps tear down barriers. We as members have a responsability to give the music its due reverence and humility towards the creaters, despite our feelings (if we have any). Thank You
  8. I hope all of you are extremely successful in reproducing zeps music. I personaly was told by RP to not mess with the music what so ever....so I guess I'm going to have to support your efforts!
  9. Keep doing it! Keep the music alive for as long as possible! You provide a service for all aspiring zep musicians. It's much easier to attend a show with a tribute band playing, to see how chords and scales are incorporated into the arrangement of a song, than it would be to see Page doing it....of course now we have You Tube! But nothing beats live music.
  10. Agree'd about the musical integrity. Which is why it is already devistating to think that Robert wont join in. They will need a really big name to fill those shoes.
  11. Eddie isn't big enough! Not only that, you can't choose someone that is anti-corporation to be front man of a corporate elite band.
  12. Because then we cross over from Rock History to Rock Misery.
  13. I agree with this in that Zeppelin is about the music itself. And what better to hear than ripping zep scales and thundering drum beats all night. The only problem with that is it greatly minimizes the overall effect of the tour. And reduces the value of the tour to a select small following. They should blow the doors off it. If Plant decides for what ever personal reasons not to participate...then the rest of the band need's to make it even bigger than it would have been with Plant. They should choose a singer, who's mere utterence of their name will make people spill their coffee in astonishment. That too will help build the anticipation. Madonna. Mariah Carrie, Janet Jackson....just ideas...but along those lines.
  14. Have Matellica open, Have Gwen Stapahnie sing for Zeppelin...you will then have all the ingrediants for a rock orgy. Matellica attracts 90% beer guzzling guys, Gwen Staphanie attracts 90% beer guzzling women. Allow room for movement. It would be a huge error to have a zep tour, simply to boost the career of a mid-level singer. Without Robert singing on the tour, "all the dynamics" change completely. It simply won't be the same without him. Going to loose a lot of value.
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