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  1. The Black Keys, Alter Bridge, Ryan Adams.
  2. Yeah, I was referring to the chocolate ice cream, not the cone.
  3. Awesome, I recognized that flower in your avatar as having to do with Ryan Adams
  4. ^ I thought I was the only one who felt that way about Ferrell's movies It doesn't matter though, his films rake in millions, so they'll keep making movies starring him.
  5. Who hates Music Box? Seriously. I haven't read any reviews of Mariah Carey, so I wouldn't know what's been said about any of her albums but that is a great album.
  6. 'Highway To [h]' is a great song. That's all I like from what I've heard.
  7. I pre-ordered the LP from their website
  8. Awesome, Magic Potion's my favorite. Followed closely by Thickfreakness. How did you like Rubber Factory?
  9. Sweet! Is that the first album you bought of theirs?
  10. The Wedding Singer...ha, I've watched that movie too many times. Bumped into it on television. Same for The Waterboy and Little Nicky. I love those movies though.
  11. The Lion King. The Fox And the Hound and Dean Koontz's Intensity. All of which I haven't seen in far too long. That's my list up to this point.
  12. Oops...you have to admit, it's kinda hard to tell is and ls apart sometimes
  13. Why did she have candles in her pockets?
  14. My favorite from the first album is Down To My Last or Burn It Down. And my favorite from the second is the title track, Blackbird.
  15. Great band. Their debut is still my favorite, just an absolutely flawless album. It took me a while to like some of the songs from Blackbird and there are still a couple I don't like, but it's a good album. And dragster, they're nothing like Nickelback. Or Creed, which the band minus the singer were all in before Alter Bridge. But I'd say that's a very very good thing.
  16. No, but I know Michael Cera was in both. That's what I meant.
  17. Thanks, I hadn't seen this picture. That's a beautiful dog
  18. Anything loosely associated with Superbad and the like is going to do well at the box office.
  19. I just noticed the Thing behind you! My mom loves him
  20. That's a cute bunny :)

  21. Ahh, well enjoy! I think I have to watch it myself now when I get the chance
  22. Awesome! :cheer: Have you watched any of it?
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