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  1. I don't like touching the toilet seat and I sure as heck don't want it up, so it only makes sense for the guy to do it. We still haven't set up our Word, so I can't be too sure, but I would think the option to have it would be under "View"
  2. ^ I was going to say, it's Clapton. I recognized him immediately since I'd seen that picture:
  3. Here's one...most of it is funny. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z0Dhh1QtQ18 I love that show.
  4. Robert Plant used to have awesome hair. And I really like Dan Auerbach's hair. Ryan Adams has nice hair sometimes. Ohh yeah. *Auerbach: Adams:
  5. The Black Keys, Alter Bridge, Ryan Adams.
  6. I made this thread a while ago. That last name there is 'Boogie With Stu' backwards if you didn't figure that out.
  7. Yeah, I was referring to the chocolate ice cream, not the cone.
  8. 'I See Monsters' performed by Ryan Adams & the Cardinals
  9. ^ I didn't know Jack White was a stage name
  10. Awesome, I recognized that flower in your avatar as having to do with Ryan Adams
  11. Sometimes, yeah, but he was a really clever guy.
  12. That's nasty. Not the least bit surprising, but definitely nasty. P.S. Yes.
  13. Oh man, I didn't know those were Mitch quotes and I loved them. I love him. My favorite is the vending machine one there. Classic
  14. ^ I thought I was the only one who felt that way about Ferrell's movies It doesn't matter though, his films rake in millions, so they'll keep making movies starring him.
  15. wow. *edit--how bizarre, I didn't chose this icon () for my post
  16. That's nasty. Not the least bit surprising, but definitely nasty.
  17. Like a hundred CDs, not counting ones I compiled Forty-seven vinyl LPs and two singles
  18. I got 93, but I guessed for most of them, not even looking at the options. I knew like eight of them. Ryan Adams, woo
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