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  1. http://soundofheart.org/galacticfreepress/content/have-same-famous-musicians-been-continually-reincarnating
  2. Percy's been around longer than you thought... http://soundofheart.org/galacticfreepress/content/have-same-famous-musicians-been-continually-reincarnating
  3. regarding this heavy connection, it is in fact even more intricate than just heavy versus heavy. when corelli created the heavy medium concerto grosso, he added a string orchestra to the trio sonata, and this is described as two contrasting elements, the light trio sonata (consisting of a small group of solo instruments) and the heavy string orchestra. in led zeppelin's name we also have this contrast between light and heavy and that is also what there music is about of course... back to the question on the press conference, and i guess i'm not alone anymore wanting to ask jimmy page about
  4. this is always the case for new things, if you dare to think outside the box. it's ridiculed or ignored, but if it holds it will eventually be accepted. and i do think my research will be accepted as something worth of serious interest. what i show are icons in the history of music, classical and pop/rock. and since all musicians aren't icons there aren't too many to choose from, so i find it very odd, seeing these significant similarities, between then and now... and if one can't see that, maybe, he/she is the one who should wear a funny hat...
  5. well, i am not alone, and it doesn't matter to this heavy connection between plant and corelli. still i don't think it's totally wrong to talk about led zeppelin in terms of heavy metal, since they have had quite a big influence on the genre. and yes i do enjoy the music, thank god, or whoever created it, for music, what would life be without it...
  6. red was not a good description of their hair colour, it's more golden, or dark blond for both of them, MAYBE a slight reddish tone, or orange, well whatever... "Few will argue that Led Zeppelin didn't invent heavy metal. One who will, however, is Robert Plant, the golden god who became the archetype for every metal throat" i know of this debate knebby, we could maybe have chosen "hard rock" or something instead, but i saw so many places on the web, describing their first album as the start of heavy metal, so we chose that term to make it more understandable, if that is the most familiar
  7. I WOULD take this opportunity to ask robert plant what he thinks about a highly possible previous life, arcangelo corelli... ...since there are thrilling, twinlike similiarities. not only the face and big red hair, but also as mighty rearrangers... plant as co-creator of heavy metal (led zeppelin's first record = world's first heavy metal record). corelli is called the father of the heavy medium concerto grosso (big concert), he added a string orchestra to the trio sonata, which doubled the sound and created a much more intense experience for the audience. when corelli died he was held
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