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  1. Most of the 70's show episodes hyde is wearing a zep shirt ne ways lol. But some of the ones around the world from different companies you can tell are direct rip offs lol
  2. Haha yeah man, with the weather we've been having here in toronto, Its on and off every couple mins id almost be happy with just snow falling all the time for the next couple months... would give me reason to grow a beard
  3. Haha the weather must be amazing where you live at this time, the fall weather must make everything look so beautiful!!! cheers!
  4. haha never saw that one of bonzo before, so clean cut man lol right on nice post
  5. thats very true to, when he play with the crows he said similar things about them doing their homework on all the guitar parts i mean for jimmy to do that song live with that sound, its intense man.
  6. la versions from 77 are the ones i like best, i just love how he gets the guitar to sound.
  7. ERic clapton last couple months ago in toronto this it was march, Very choice show.
  8. Getting two solid songs down first take, was pretty sweet.
  9. That movie is always awesome, first time is even better. recently i was watching the bob dylan autobiography. It was pretty good although hard to follow if your not a dylan fan.
  10. that such a nice pic of the two, to bad he left us soon after. The legend will live forever regardless. Nice pics!
  11. haha wow nice post ill be sure to pick one up for sure. I love all the art from back then its just so trippy
  12. haha nice catch there man good thing you took the shots before you had to log. sweet pics man
  13. I love that one of Plant playing the gibson double neck, Iv never seen him even hold one before.
  14. it will be interesting to see what all this time has enabled them to produce onto record. Im betting it will do very well. And iv seen a track list posted on some sites. Im just not crazy about the name... i know the name has nothing to do with the music... but black ice... lol
  15. That one yardbird posted is really nice i love how they captured the elegance of the two leaving the stage shot.
  16. those pictures from the music awards are excellent, That look did suit him although i love the hair from the 70's a whole lot more. But still considering that a sick look for him.
  17. Urgh although we're gonna groove is one of my favs, Rock n roll is just a sweet opener... had to go with RNR
  18. Cant wiat to hear the new album, I hear they put alot of work into it. more so naming the bloddy thing and thoughts on the title? Black ice....
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