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  1. Ozone baby, here in Toronto Cananda is awesome, Happen to know the guitarist pretty well. check em out some time,
  2. Hahah awesome stuff man, im liking the custom strat, Interesting head stock.
  3. My first instrument was the guitar. I had always watched my uncle play one when ever i use to visit and i made sure to visit alot. I thought it was amazing that such tones could be made and how they could be amp'd to a point of bliss. When i was 14 i had received my first official guitar. Not counting the guitars in the family i use to pick up every now and again. But the first real one, was from a local guitar shop in Toronto, Ontario. I of course had no real prior knowledge of how to buy a guitar as it had been my first. So i had just went purely on budget and looks as soon as i walked in i
  4. Just keep at it man, Alot of it is timing and and alot of practice. Also i find it helps to have the music in front of me and learning it in sections of course. Song choice is also an issue, It depends what you are trying to play. All in all try stayin on the same song for a while. im sure youll get it.
  5. hehe thanx meng, i had gotten on of the coolplek ones(or how ever you spell it) Basically these are the specs: -Chambered body -Enlarged neck tenon for more sustain Burstbucker Pro Pickups Custom Bourns Controls Tone Pros locking bridge and tail peice Neutrik locking output jack locking grover tuners Plek set up (laser guided intonation) Asymmetrical comfort neck Its a standard but this thing is a beast. Best guitar iv bought hands down... And thats sayign alot because i have a blackie custom shop eric clapon strat to lawls I will also be putting up a picture of my 88 burgundy
  6. Hey all!! It has been a while since i have been able to post so i thought a good starting topic would be about my new black beauty:P lemmie know what ya think
  7. Agreed looks like it plays really well.Makes me feel bad i havent seen most of these places but im glad they exist.
  8. Yeah thats something iv always had alot of problems with, is trying higher end Instruments if the guy behind the counter thinks you cant afford. its great that you have a place where you can go and do such though lol. Sometimes i get lucky though and they let me play em ne ways:P y favorite was a $10,000 Cnd Jimi hendrix Flying V that he knew i wasnt gonna buy on the spot but he let me try it anyways haha kudos do that dude
  9. Yeah man, THey come out veyr offen the only thing is finding them all. Becuase they are boots all it takes is good footage and a burner so its really dependant on the people making them they could flood the market anytime... not to say it isnt already flooded.
  10. I think this is what most of us, have come to get use to since the 02... Its always been the same. But i know they wont let us down.
  11. Most of the 70's show episodes hyde is wearing a zep shirt ne ways lol. But some of the ones around the world from different companies you can tell are direct rip offs lol
  12. Its so hard to try and picture them without robert. It jsut seems like he is happy where he is. But i mean you cant replace him. It would only be a fill in and of course they would cover zep but im more into the consept of new stuff. There is no use just doing a greatest hits tour.
  13. Great thread idea, And good tunes man i always look hearing other peoples works keep cranking out the tunes! my sites in my sig let me know what you think! kudos!
  14. Agreed there is just to great of an atmosphere on that night.
  15. he does seem to like it alot the new collaberation for AK and all and i comend him. I mean we wonder why he wont do a zep tour... but look at how much hes enjoying doing what hes doing now and who are we to stop him?
  16. Bonzo the link doesnt work for your myspace... cant check out the tunes. Maybe its just my computer. For my band he do alot of stuff that is zep unfluenced. thers alot of tabb memorizers out there that once there tabs are gone they cant play much. So if you can do it by ear i commend you, but any one can sit down and map out a song with enough time and patience. it also all depends what you play your instrument for. If its just the joy of learning others music then go balls deep meng. BUt if you really want to learn then theres different options availible that might make you a better player
  17. Lol nice! looks like we have alot of talented people on this site, Kudos to all.
  18. Haha yeah man that one is nice to, I dunno im a sucker for solid black guitar if they are made properly and the one page played on p n p tours just got me all weepy eyed. I dunno if its the bindings or just the guitar in general it sound amazing and look even better lol But still that red one is very very nice to. ITs so hard to choose!!
  19. Lol for sure, HE still used the black beauty just before it got stolen here in good old toronto
  20. lmfao, i wasnt expecting that, I dont think the exorsist ever sold coke for the coke company she looked to high on her own supply man.
  21. My favorite ovation by far, Its like the one page play on the P & P Tour. I wish I had one... tell me you wouldnt want one of these!!! Not a huge fan of the star in lays the one i want is just dot inlays:P
  22. I want a jp tele now, I loved the sound he got off of it on led zeppelin one. Are you sure one are never been issued? i googled it i couldnt find any lol
  23. Coke cola, has crazy amount of them lol try youtube
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