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    MOJO Robert Plant

    The obsessive: 1. The title Pictures at Eleven. Although this one is only mildly obsessive. It alludes to fact that is Robert's first release after the demise of LZ and coupled with the fact that it is a major departure from his previous career it is therefore newsworthy. 2. The songs Burning Down One Side as in burning down his previous image add to it the mysterious Les Paul playing guitarist that seems to enough him. 3. The song Just Like I've Never Been Gone, A song with a double meaning one about love the other veiled meaning about his return to the music scene after Led Zeppeli
  2. DBJ

    MOJO Robert Plant

    OMG I didn't know I was talking to a Robert Plant Propagandist/Zombie I think one could extrapolate that they do generally mean the same thing. If we look at it in context Robert Plant knows from first hand experience that Page/Plant obviously did not have the same oomph as Led Zeppelin, and therefore they were not as successful as Led Zeppelin. The point he was trying to convey in that quote and paragraph is that he didn't feel that at the O2 the were worthy of being called Led Zeppelin because John Bonham wasn't, but they called themselves that anyway instead of Page/Jones/Plant b
  3. DBJ

    MOJO Robert Plant

    Like I said I've seen Robert Plant in concert and it was awesome, but Robert Plant with Jimmy Page was better. Still their was something missing from it all and I found a lot what was missing when I saw JPJ in concert (The Groove). From what I can tell from YOUTUBE videos is that the o2 incarnation was even better than Page and Plant. Lets look at the songs "Calling to You", and "Shake My Tree". One song from Plant, one song from Coverdale Page. Shake My Tree Coverdale/Page I find the Page/Plant version to be much better, Plant voice is much more soulful, and his voice adds a cer
  4. DBJ

    MOJO Robert Plant

    It was stated in the Mojo interview at the beginning of this thread. Here is the Link again I'm not an Anti Robert Plant person. I like his all his music, and I own multiple copies of everything he has done post Zeppelin including 9-Lives which is redundant. I even have the stuff like the Inner Flame, More Oar, Mumbo Jumbo, Little By Little EP, " Let that Boogie Woogie Roll", " Little Sister", Good Rockin' Tonight - The Legacy of Sun Records, Knebworth 1990, and others. I like him personally as well. I think he is a nice guy and a pretty cool guy, but all the excuses for at least mer
  5. DBJ

    MOJO Robert Plant

    What I am saying is I don't know if Robert Plant consciously and knowingly says to himself "gee things seem to be going a little south right now, how can I associate myself with Led Zeppelin again to regenerate interest in my career." or (most likely the case) he from time to time gives in to temptation perhaps on a subconscious level and later on regrets it. Facts are facts. Either he is doing it purposely or subconsciously. I personally think the latter, but with all the negative things he says which seems to be hurtful to others (poor Jason Bonham over the years. And Page and Jone
  6. DBJ

    MOJO Robert Plant

    Plant argues that a Zeppelin without late drummer John Bonham, who died in 1980, did not quite merit the name, but acknowledges that "if the three of us got together and called ourselves 'Page & Jones & Plant' it wouldn't carry the same oomph."
  7. DBJ

    MOJO Robert Plant

    These are the facts of the matter: I saw Robert Plant in concert and it was awesome. Then I saw Page and Plant in concert and it was so much better. Finally I saw JPJ in concert and it was then that I discovered what was missing. The members of Led Zeppelin when they get together their is a synergistic effect. They are better than the sum of the parts. So Led Zeppelin or whatever you want to call it without Bonzo might not be better than the original, but it is so much better than just a single component. The fact is Robert Plant by himself as good as it may be, It always c
  8. It seems to me that if you really want Robert Plant to go back to Led Zeppelin, then Don't buy the album. If your a hard core fan (such as myself, I own every single LZ/RP/JP/JPJ/JB/JB item that was released in many cases multiple copies) just wait a year or two to pick it up. If I were cynical, I could make a case that every time the Solo Robert Plant starts to fade he adds a fresh dose of Led Zeppelin to his career. I think that if you look at Robert Plants solo career It has been a pretty successful one especially in terms of creative output. I'd rather listen to Robert Plant than
  9. I think this just confirms that Robert needs some psychological help/counseling over the whole Led Zeppelin subject. How many songs has he written that are in one way or another related to his Led Zeppelin legacy.
  10. I don't know how music works these days, but your can listen to the whole song via this link from Rolling Stone Song I like this song actually. It sounds like a nice combination of Led Zeppelin III and a 1970-1971 Elvis country song. The vocals are quite nice.
  11. As Jimmy gets older he seems to have more and more of an asian look to him. See for yourself
  12. DBJ

    Stairway number 1

    " yeah make room for enemaem, and the black eyed peas cause they are all the shit"
  13. They sang "All of My Love" though, which I think would be more emotionally charged. IMHO though, I think what you said was what caused Bonham's death. I think the band was really apprehensive about coming back to America. If we look at how the last U.S. tour ended. Tour had a bad vibe to begin with. Bonham and associates arrested. Led Zeppelin Banned from Tampa Plant's son dies. Concert promoter vows they will never play in America again as well as other bad things that happened. When your in a bad stressful environment, and then your removed from that environment, having to
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