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  1. Is this the sketch you are referring to, Morgan?
  2. If only it were true! Would pay my last dollar for that album! Happy April Fools Day!
  3. ^^^ wouldn't surprise me a bit if Page bought Plant out!
  4. Do we know if this presser will be available via livestream anywhere? Seems 24 hours in advance, some info would be available to media and the public about that by now. No press releases to that effect have come across my desk, anyway.
  5. Love this album. For my money, "Burning Up" is one of the hottest Page guitar tracks in his entire post-Zeppelin career. He's on FIRE! Should've been a single. Don't know WTF Atlantic was thinking missing out on that one... Saw Page/Plant numerous times on the `95 tour and they were brilliant. But they were never better than they were on the `98 tour, IMHO.
  6. I have no dog in this fight. As a professional journalist of more than 25 years experience, however, I feel compelled to interject some reality into this thread ZepsApprentice wrote: "Double sourcing? Checking sources? When you posted a photograph a couple of months ago on your Twitter account of Mr Bucks Burnett with Jimmy Page at the Tower House, did it not occur to you to seek Mr Burnett's permission to post the photograph, given that the intellectual copyright in the photograph subsisted in Mr Burnett (a real writer, and Dallas music legend, btw)? I somehow doubt it." First, source-checking has nothing to do with photo copyright clearance. These are two separate things. Secondly, Bucks Burnett is not the intellectual copyright holder on the photo in question unless he took the picture. Since he appears in the photo with Mr. Page, then he obviously didn't take it. The photographer, whoever that may be, owns the copyright. Thirdly, if Bucks Burnett posted it on his public FB page, Cookie had the "fair use" right to re-publish the photo as part of a Twitter or other social media "share." Should the copyright owner object to the photo being republished, they can send Cookie a takedown request and let it play out in the courts. That's my 2 cents, FWIW. Disclaimer: I'm not an attorney, nor do I play one on TV. Please don't construe my professional opinion as legal advice. :-)
  7. Excellent question! Midnight Moonlight Live in Peace Prison Blues Don't Leave Me This Way Absolution Blues Burning Up Heart In Your Hand
  8. Yuck. Do not like. The editing of "WLL" drives me nuts. This from the band that didn't want to release edited, shorter versions of their songs for singles or AM radio airplay? a 60-second version of "WLL" is damn near sacrilege to me. The song is a sonic journey...and you have to stay on board to ride the entire ride. At least the Cadillac commercials were cool. A brand name that is pure rock and roll. Dior? erm, not so much. Really surprised the band signed off on this.
  9. The Kennedy Center Honors event was Dec. 2, when Weinstein, Clinton, and Obama cornered the Zeppelin gents and tried to strong-arm them into doing a HUGE benefit show at Madison Square Garden...in 10 days. Were they crazy? Seriously? Jimmy should have rightly not only said no...he should have laughed right in their faces. 10 days to put a Led Zeppelin reunion together? Dream on, guys...and next time, if you want to try and get Zeppelin, give them a few months notice for fuck's sake.
  10. Jimmy Page said in an interview once that "Make or Break" was his personal favorite Firm number, especially the ad-lib section towards the end. I agree, it's a killer track!
  11. He very politely went to the loo so as not to pollute anyone's air. And he paid the fine without complaint. He even asked to be arrested, lol. Priceless. The Independent (London) June 2, 1995, Friday BYLINE: Maryann Bird SECTION: INTERNATIONAL; Page 13 Where's the justice when a rock star can't even get arrested? Jimmy Page, Led Zeppelin's legendary founder, discovered that breaking the ban on in-flight smoking just isn't enough these days. On a flight from San Francisco to Portland, Oregon, for a recent concert, Page locked himself in a toilet and lit a cigarette. The alarm sounded and the flight crew notified the authorities in Portland. A police report said the intoxicated rocker tried to persuade officers to arrest him, admitted to smoking and acknowledged he knew it was not allowed. But going to jail just isn't an option under the smoking ban. Page could still be fined up to $ 1,000 (around pounds 620) if he is prosecuted after the Federal Aviation Administration investigates further.
  12. He's Jimmy Page and he can smoke anywhere he bloody well wants to! lol. But seriously...in this day and age, he might want to go back to private planes and avoid the noxious non-smokers. ;-)
  13. Very sad news indeed. RIP, Andy.
  14. Is there archived video of this somewhere? I missed the live broadcast. :-(
  15. Rockin' at Midnight (Honeydrippers) Watching you The Greatest Gift Calling to You I Believe (damn, it's tough to limit this to only 5 songs!)
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