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  1. The Santana bootleg is called Carlos Santana featuring Jimmy Page Shakin' Your Money Maker, which includes a picture of Jimmy from the 80 tour with an earlier picture of Carlos on the cover (not a picture from the actual concert). The back cover has an interesting picture of the front of the venue that includes advertisement for upcoming concerts by Zeppelin, Santana and Zappa. Hi Steve...I will always remember you as one of the most interesting and knowledgeable Zeppelin collectors. If I remember correctly, one of the rare pieces I sold you was and Argentinian magazine I had bought myself
  2. Never heard the story about Jimmy being late to the Zepp show the next day, very cool. Incidentally, Carlos was in the audience the night before in Frankfurt watching the Zeppelin show. Carlos dedicates Samba Pa Ti (or Europa?) to "all the members of Led Zeppelin" at this show. The recording is in fact a soundboard and Jimmy jams on Shake Your Money Maker that lasts about 10 minutes. Short story...I'm a big fan of both Zepp and Santana, having first seen Page live at the A.R.M.S. show in Dec of 1983 and Carlos here on Long Island in Nov of 1984. As history would have it, I went nuts on
  3. Does any one know if there are any pictures available of Pagey when he jumped on stage with Santana on July 1st 1980? I've kept an eye out for one for a long time but have never seen a photograph of this jam. Thanks. Wearing and Tearing Dardo
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