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  1. Thx its a start .. Is there a reliable list of the cars somewhere?
  2. Post em if u got em please could be fun
  3. Mookie Blaylock is the name Pearl Jam chose as their first .. They were forced to change it later Hence the reference to our board recognizing it
  4. Joe Bonamassa ... Tea for One .. Extremely good cover ... Off the Album You and Me
  5. To the Muppets at the after party who were very drunk and very aggresive eventually getting tossed out by security after scaring the bartender ... I hope u get black listed forever .. anyone else see em?
  6. My Favorite moments were Kashmir ( I never thought anything could sound so powerful .. the floor shook to the riffs and the vocals were out of this world) ... IMTOD, A very believable song and just perfect in tone ... Finally, when Robert kicked the mike stand vertical and I realized this was going to be a band going for it in every sense of the world .... Critics eat your hearts out The whole thing blew me away
  7. One of the most outstanding new bands are the Kings of Leon. They dont sound like anything before and they leave an impression wherever they go ... Definately check em out
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