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  1. Damn Nick, your info is tight. you rock.
  2. Actually , its more than 3/4,bonzo's blood will be at the drum kit.
  3. Very nicely put, but, 3/4 of the band is better than none.
  4. You say no to a tour, but you will go if they come around, is it yes or no?
  5. There are rumors in the new Rolling Stones Magazine out today that they are considering a world tour. I seen them in 1975,seen robert and jimmy numerpous times and John Paul Jones 2 years ago with the mutual admiration society, so keep your fingers crossed.
  6. From the moment I heard the rumor of a Led Zeppelin World Tour, I have been looking for a skin ointment to get rid of goose bumps. Has anybody else had this condition and found a cure?
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