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  1. I saw the film here in Perth , at the Event Cinema in Innaloo, let me tell you it was ' No Event' the film was great but the sound was just crap, myself and my partner were really looking forward to the film but what could have been a really great night was ruined by a really shit sound system it actually sounded as though it was Mono it was that bad. I have complained to the managment and the holding company (lets see what bullshit excuse they come up with ) perhaps if they had raised the volume it may have "offended" somebody such is the case all over the world now it seems ! and to add
  2. Oh, I forgot to add on my previous post , it was nice to hear Percy, mention Birmingham and Worcester, I lived by Percy and you would often see him in Bewdley just wondering around 'Happy Days' I remember once when Percy and Nigel Kennedy were turned away from a folk gig at Arley village hall for being "Too Scruffy", Mind you percy was with possibly the shabiest dressed man alive !! still seething from utterly shit presentation by Event Cinemas , Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!
  3. saw the film last night at Innaloo in Western Australia, I was really looking forward to this event , but the cinema that showed it (Event Cinemas) was a total let down , the film itself was awsome, but the evening was totally ruined by the sub standard sound system used by the cinema , I don't now if they had the wrong settings switched on , but it was piss poor and totally spoilt what would have been a truly great evening, and I paid $50 for two tickets !, I came away not on a high, but feeling totally let down. last week I took my kids to see a Disney film at a Grand Cinema and the sound
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