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  1. More Jimmy the Wise with beard pictures!
  2. Rain Song No Quarter The Ocean Yes I cheated.
  3. Im a seafarer and they just called me that I've to be aboard by 29th December as opposed to 5th January which means Ill be celebrating New Year among some old,depressed sea dogs while steering tanker near coasts of Somalia. Shit.
  4. Leaving 29.12.2012. Back 07.04.2013

  5. Leaving 29.12.2012. Back 07.05.2013

  6. I think he has a lot of it. Might sound cruel but he has so many Austin Osman Spare manuscripts,paintings that when its going on market I'll work out says to have most them. I've talked with others who are waiting on Crowley,Spare,Kenneth stuff and all of them say Page has a lot of it.
  7. Well point still stands. I mean I dont blame them.
  8. All of them cheated on their wives. It would be silly to expect from them not to. Jones,Page...same goes for all the Zeppelin team. Page and Plant have always been not too comfy talking about the whole craziness on road. Jones has been open about it-drugs,sex and the whole circus..
  9. Oh I see. Still thank you very much for actually doing it! I've asked a lot of people with good rigs but they always said no. :-/
  10. No.1 is definately Open D. Worst case- alternative Open D.
  11. Hope someone can find that pic in their archives!
  12. Hey Dallas, any chance of getting Achilles Last Stand and Rain Song in that quality?! Pretty please...
  13. Is that Mojo award with Jones and Page be before or after the whole '08 fallout?!
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