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  1. aye Melcore,thats what I meant.words evade me today.
  2. Are these going to be versions we have atm or those that are/were remixed for upcoming box sets?!
  3. He should have got credit for Friends and Rain Song. ACL so-so,Jimmy was the architect behind that.
  4. http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=RNmC_eE3YN4&desktop_uri=%2Fwatch%3Fv%3DRNmC_eE3YN4&sa=X&ei=RyxVUoeNF-Wx0QX72ICoCg&ved=0CAsQqwQ
  5. Daphne and Shibuya Bop off of The Thunderthief.Genius.
  6. ive listened to this 3 times now but cant someone rip it?! as a fellow mandolin player,his improv was genius!
  7. Presence.Achilles saves it from No.1 spot. God forbid HOTH being nominated-Rain Song,No Quarter,The Ocean,Song Remains the Same,OTHAFA...
  8. Collapse steel guitar...wtf?They mean his lapaphone?!
  9. It wont be a real band ffs...just him and bunch of people playing Sound City songs.
  10. More Jimmy the Wise with beard pictures!
  11. Rain Song No Quarter The Ocean Yes I cheated.
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