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  1. Can't imagine what it is like to have someone write in detail about parts of your professional and personal life. It is certainly part of the package of being an successful entertainer. I mean in the process of running a business (or in this case a super group) you have employees and relationships that range from lifelong friendships to ugly separations. So you take these guys in their 20's or early 30's over a grueling 12 year period of travel, creative pressure, hard work, lack of sleep and a good number of employees involved. Then mix in some drugs and alcohol? You are going to
  2. Saw the ARMS show in LA with some good seats. Jimmy was fantastic and the audience loved his performance. Will never forget it.
  3. The rehearsal footage is awesome. The single camera does give the vibe of actually being there rather than the presentation of the 02 show (which is amazing as well). Song Remains the Same maybe better than the 02 prefomance and to no suprise many differences within the songs from the final performance. Plant singing on drum riser with Jason during MMH was kind of cool.
  4. Saw it at Bella Terra in Huntington Beach and after GTBT at the count of 3 the audience yelled "turn it up!" and they did, alot. With the added volume the sound was great. The audience responce was great to each song and many electrifying moments thoughout the show. They absolutely killed it. Beyond what I expected for all four musicians. I am stoked for them to leave this as a part of their great legacy and so glad they shared it with us.
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