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  1. Led Zeppelin is by far my all-time favorite band. Maybe because their music was the soundtrack of my younger days or mostly that I still enjoy hearing the tunes more than ever in my later days. I am a record collector like my father before me. I was born in '61, so I didn't get to see them on tour, though. Poor me, I was deprived of seeing the greatest live rock band, ever. But, one day I looked through my oldest brother' records and saw he had every Zeppelin record up to TSRTS. This took place around '77 and when I started checking out the album artwork is thought to myself, "These are cool".
  2. In Chico, California @ Cinemark the sound was not loud enough by all means, but acceptable. Film was beautiful and sound quality was great, though.
  3. A Led ZeppelinTour would be the biggest event(s), ever... I saw the film on Oct. 17 and the energy that I felt was incredible. All of the songs they performed were done beautifully. Page's guitar work was simply overpowering, Robert's vocals were top-notch, Jonesy was precision on bass and his keyboards never sounded better and Jason Bonham's timekeeping was excellent and was worthy of representing his father, Bonzo. Dick Carruthers film direction was done very well and he deserves recognition for it. Bottom line this is the best document for live Led Zeppelin to date. I hope everyone g
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