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  1. Hi Cyvexis - It will be out on DVD / Blu Ray Nov. 19. Be sure to check it out
  2. The secret is to yell at the start of the movie 'Turn it Up'. It worked and then we had 30,000 Watts of awesomenes for 2 hours. It felt like you were there. Best concert movie I've ever seen. Sound was incredible. Most of the sound came from the front, they saved the surround for the audience noises on the sides... Now I know why I could never get tickets in the 70's. I was one of the good guys and didn't skip school to wait in line at our 'Jim Koplick / Shelly Finckel' ticket place...I should of skipped school !!! Best damn band ever. Thirty-plus years on and they could pull this off? Incre
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