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  1. Happy birthday John Paul Jones!
  2. Here is a mail I wrote last month to someone who asked me my opinion on the meaning of Jimmy's symbol. I don't know what it really means for him but I found interesting elements. I based this on various sources and personal researches. I hope this will help you.
  3. Dano59

    Hot pics of Jimmy

    Yes it is. I think he's 17, so maybe 1960-1962
  4. 2nd December was Black Sabbath, 20-21-22th of June will be Hellfest!
  5. I saw them 3 days ago in Paris, it was totally awesome.
  6. Dano59

    Robert's Hair

    How the West Was Won!
  7. I saw them twice in France a few years ago. It was good!
  8. Danelectro DC-59 (made in 1998), herco flex pick... Let's play Kashmir!
  9. Oh my... you are so lucky. If I see him one day, I think wouldn't be able to talk! I need to move to London. RIGHT NOW. He's so cool! I mean, he's a rockstar, one of the most famous rockstars of all time, and he just talks to his fans in the streets and lets them taking photos. It's hard to believe that is THIS man: or this man For me they're two different persons!
  10. Dano59

    Hot pics of Jimmy

    Jimmy with a fan this morning (november 11th) I want to go to London now!
  11. Dano59

    Hot pics of Jimmy

    I totally agree. I was just complimenting his patience
  12. Dano59

    Hot pics of Jimmy

    He seems friendly though!
  13. Happy Halloween :3 When my hair was short...
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