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  1. I wish Robert and Jimmy hadn't been so disrespectful to JPJ for the entire decade of the 90s, and frankly I wish the band members were more appreciative of each other today. From the outside, it just seems like they really don't care for each other, and that Bonzo was the only one each of them mutually liked and fully appreciated as an artist. I think that has a lot to do with the lack of collaborative work of any sort in the past 18 years. Watching all of the awkward tension between the three of them during the 2012 interviews after the release of Celebration Day was sad. In reading t
  2. I was not at either, and have only the good fortune of watching the recordings. The first instinct is to say Knebworth, because with all due respect to Jason, who was great at O2, he wasn't John Bonham. That being said, I think the O2 solved something that became progressively more of a problem from 1973 to '75 to '77 to '79, and to '80, and that was they were very inconsistent live during that entire era. Robert's voice routinely cracked in almost every show (including Knebworth); at theO2, he seemed much more aware of what he could and couldn't do as a vocalist and the set improved as a r
  3. It wasn't that unusual for RP and JP to do a project without JPJ. It started as a one-off, and even explored new angles of creativity that may or may have not worked with JPJ. That being said, to name the album "No Quarter", and to routinely play that song on the 2nd tour, just seemed lame to me. Maybe they should have played Moby Dick too and given Michael Lee the stage. I just thought it was in very poor taste, and I still do. Oh, and by the way, the music wasn't near as good without him either, it wasn't just "doing him a favor" to include him.
  4. All I know is I never cared for the way either of them handled that era with JPJ, of which I felt Robert was clearly the driving force behind.
  5. Here my thoughts I shared on my Facebook page and my Led Zeppelin friends... This weekend, the 56th Annual Grammy Awards will award performers, musicians and songwriters in dozens of diverse categories. One of these categories is Best Rock Performance, and among the nominees this year is Led Zeppelin. That’s right, Led Zeppelin. No, this isn’t 1975... but if it was, you would know that no rock band dominated the 1970s like Led Zeppelin. Not the Rolling Stones, not The Who, not The Eagles, Fleetwood Mac or any other collection of musicians of any style. Perhaps the first band ever to
  6. My biggest complaint about ITTOD is the production. In The Evening, as structured, is a great song, but loses a lot due to a vocal track that is garbled and difficult to follow. This circumstance is repeated elsewhere on the album, most notably on Carouselambra. There are tracks I love on the album, which include songs others seem to hate. I love All My Love, Fool In The Rain, and Hot Dog. I really like In the Evening and I'm Gonna Crawl. I'm not a big fan of South Band Suarez or Carouselambra, mainly because of the vocals. I will always wonder where they would have gone next, but
  7. I bet the Meters would be very high on the ballot for all of the surviving members of Zep and their affinity for, and connection to, the Big Easy.
  8. I enjoy listening to JPJ sing BOE just because it opens the door a bit more on the least featured member of the band. I certainly acknowledge it is not a great vocal performance, but I like to see/hear him and Robert working together, as aside from their partnership on ITTOD, it seems like they had the least chemistry and connection of any two members in the band.
  9. The show last night in Atlanta was awesome. Loved it so, will post a review later tonight.
  10. I couldn't stand the thought of missing it.. so I just bought tickets for next Friday in Atlanta. See you soon, Percy!!
  11. If there is a better place on this planet to see a concert than Red Rocks, I sure don't know what it is. I saw Robert play there on July 4, 1988 on the Now and Zen tour, and it was a great, great night. I only wish I still lived there and could have attended last night. Thanks to the individual that posted the reviews and photos.
  12. Has anybody heard these? I recently picked up a used version of Now and Zen, and was pleasantly surprised to see it had 3 extra bonus live tracks on the end, including live versions of Ship of Fools, which is one of my all-time favorite Plant tunes, and Tall Cool One. When I listened to them, I was puzzled/confused as to why they had chose those tracks. The Ship of Fools was very ragged vocally, in my opinion, on a song that is beautiful because of the classic tone and smoothness of his voice on that song, and Tall Cool One had a very notable mistake on the first verse that he even acknowle
  13. I reworked my list.... but could only cut the list to 12. Just too many good artists out there... The Yardbirds - Little Games PJ Proby - Three Week Hero Led Zeppelin - Led Zeppelin Robert Plant - Pictures at Eleven Jimmy Page - Deathwish II Soundtrack The Honeydrippers - Volume One The Firm - The Firm John Paul Jones - Scream for Help Robert Plant & Jimmy Page - Walking Into Clarksdale The Black Crowes & Jimmy Page - Live at the Greek Alison Krauss & Robert Plant - Raising Sand Them Crooked Vultures - Them Crooked Vultures
  14. Led Zeppelin - Physical Graffiti The Beatles - Abbey Road The Neville Brothers - Live From Planet Earth ZZ Top - Deguello Bob Marley - Legend U2 - War The Who - Quadrophenia The Sundays - Blind Publlic Enemy - Fear of a Black Planet Mozart - Piano Concerto #21
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