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  1. I wish Robert and Jimmy hadn't been so disrespectful to JPJ for the entire decade of the 90s, and frankly I wish the band members were more appreciative of each other today. From the outside, it just seems like they really don't care for each other, and that Bonzo was the only one each of them mutually liked and fully appreciated as an artist. I think that has a lot to do with the lack of collaborative work of any sort in the past 18 years. Watching all of the awkward tension between the three of them during the 2012 interviews after the release of Celebration Day was sad. In reading this thread, I have to absolutely disagree on the bashing of You Shook Me. I love that track. The vocals are ridiculously powerful, and the three part solo (organ to harmonica to guitar (With ridiculous drum fills from Bonzo) ) are incredible. I love the tone of JImmy's guitar in that solo. It is one of my favorite all-time tracks. Keep in mind, that album was recorded in 30 total hours, a mere three months after their first rehearsal, when Jimmy was 24, JPJ was 22, and Robert and Bonzo were just 20 years old. Mindboggling how good they were at such a young age.
  2. I enjoy listening to JPJ sing BOE just because it opens the door a bit more on the least featured member of the band. I certainly acknowledge it is not a great vocal performance, but I like to see/hear him and Robert working together, as aside from their partnership on ITTOD, it seems like they had the least chemistry and connection of any two members in the band.
  3. Picked up the vinyl for May 24, 1975 @ Earl's Court today. In this digital age, nothing beats the thrill of walking into a Used Record shop you have never visited and walking out with something new to enjoy.
  4. as noted above, the official published version (at least in the LZ Songbook) of the song says "blow".
  5. Walter.. a little closer to our home, I have always been so intrigued by the Orlando Sports Stadium, the only Orlando venue ever to host LZ, I think in 1970 also. I live about 3 miles from where it was.. and used to drive by it all the time in the late 80s and early 90s. It looked like a true dive, and considering they played there in August, I bet it was about 150 degrees inside. Did you ever see any shows there? I still feel moved by the site knowing my musical heros tore it up there one night.. before it became a .. subdivision.
  6. I have watched videos and listened to John Bonham most of the day. As great as Robert, Jimmy, and JPJ all are, I really think it was Bonzo's drumming that was by relative comparison, so much better than anything else in comparison to the bands of their era, or any other. How many other bands do you find yourself routinely stopping to focus on specifically the drumming.. and yet, with Led Zeppelin, there are very few songs where the drums aren't just there to hold the rhythm, they are literally defining the sound of the song. Aside from the amazing versions of Moby Dick I have relived today, can you imagine Dazed and Confused, Good Times Bad Times, Whole Lotta Love, Heartbreaker, Rock and Roll, Misty Mountain Hop, Four Sticks, When The Levee Breaks, Kashmir, The Song Remains The Same, Achilles Last Stand, Nobody's Fault But MIne, Fool In the Rain, or dozens of other tracks without his drumming? Even less obvious choices like Your Time is Gonna Come, You Shook Me, Ramble On, Bring It On Home, Out On the Tiles, Bron Yr-Aur Stomp, Stairway to Heaven, Dancing Days, D'Yer Maker, Black Country Woman, Ten Years Gone, Hots on For Nowhere, and All of My Love are made so much more unique, imaginative and impactful with John's drumbeat. One of my favorite Bonham memories was the first time I listened to Swan Song. It sounded OK when it started, but I was mildly skeptical about whether this was a legit "lost" LZ song. This skepticism increased when the bass came in, for to me, it sounded a bit unlike a typical Jones bass line, mainly in tone. However, when Bonzo kicked on drums, I got chills and a really warm feeling all at once, like he had come back to play just one more song for us. His music means more to me than I can say. Happy Birthday John Henry Bonham, you are so very sorely missed around the entire world.
  7. I just listened to several tracks from Southhampton. Definitely a high quality recording... and a good show. When compared to HTWWW, it is an excellent example of how much Robert's voice changed/evolved/suffered/was damaged in the short time between the two performances. Robert had many great vocal moments from 1973 and on, but he clearly was a different vocalist from the one who sang for the band from 1968-1972.
  8. After reading this thread, I had to go back and watch TSRTS-RS sequence... and for as many cheap shots this movie took from the critics, I think that sequence in particular is a really beautiful ~ 15 minute short story. The scenery is breathtaking, the castle (like all old castles) is incredible, Robert plays the valiant warrior and explorer quite well, and of course Ms. Parker is absolutely stunning. To top it off, I think those 2 songs rate as 2 of the very best tracks in the film and create a perfect backing track. Both TSRTS and the Rain Song are so well played and heavenly to listen to, especially considering how many hundreds of times I have listened to and/or watched this film. So great to revisit...
  9. Wow, what a truly fascinating thread. Ms. Parker, it is a privilege to read and learn all about your life and impressive talents. Thanks for being such a wonderful presence here.. and all around.
  10. I thought they used some elaborate ID-matching scheme so that tickets could not be resold to other buyers....
  11. clw you are killing it. I'm going Communication Breakdown from Blueberry Hill. The intro there just melts my mind.
  12. I love them both.. and will break the tie in this way. If had a night to spend watching either movie... if I'm at home I'll choose the Godfather, if I'm in a full-size theater, I'll pick Star Wars. Two of my favorites for sure... and I strongly prefer the orginals of each to either of their sequels..
  13. Why? Why? Why? Some guys have all the luck
  14. This performance was all about unrealized potential. The arrangement and orchestra were phenomenal, but overall it underachieved greatly due to a weak vocal night for RP. He was WAY better on O2.
  15. Awesome thanks, always looking to meet other local Zep fans!
  16. I don't know if I saw the best show of that tour, but I DEFINITEY saw it in the best location of that tour. 4th of July, in Red Rocks Ampitheater in Denver, CO. I was in the summer preceding my senior year of college, we had 7th row seats, and it was one of those nights when every single one of my tight circle of friends from high school and college reconnected for one last night together before we soon scattered across the country. Such a great night.. and such a great memory. In the distance, you could see the fireworks shows across the Denver metro area as Robert and company gave an amazing show. For the record, Joan Jett was the opening act, and didn't get the best reception. People were at that show for one reason... and all she represented was an obstacle to the prize.
  17. Moonlight In Samosa Killing The Blues Tie Dye on the Highway Ship of Fools Young Boy Blues So many more... but if I had to take 5 to an island with me, those would be the ones.
  18. This is an awesome thread. My first bootlegs that got me through the 80s and 90s were Blueberry Hill, Bonzo's Birthday, and what is now the BBC Sessions, DIsc 2. I live in Orlando, FL, and our used CD & vinyl shops occasionally uncover something.. but I'm sure there are much better ways to acquire these gems. If anybody wanted to give me a hint here or via Private Message, I would be most grateful as I would love to build my collection further like some of the other posters are doing here.
  19. I love it overall, recognizing like any concert it has its peaks. For me, my four favorites were NFBM, NQ, Kashmir (The Top Performance of the Night), and Rock and Roll. None were perfect, but I thought they came together the best on those tracks. Rock and Roll... probably the last song those guys ever played together as LZ, so an emotional moment for sure. I'm grateful for the entire project and it is a great study to go from BBC Sessions to RAH to HTWTW to TSRTS to Earl to Knebworth to this. What a journey of live releases. If they stay true to it, and I believe they will, what other band or artist has ever gone out with a performance of this magnitude? Cheers.
  20. Agree, I thought it was great, especially the finale, which I won't spoil for those who haven't seen it yet... but WOW.
  21. The song "Thank You" performed by Duran Duran, is in the movie With Honors..
  22. You guys are WAY Off.. It's Side ONE of Led Zeppelin IV
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