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  1. Maybe an obelisk ('The Object') for the first 5,000 deluxe editions sold? That'd be cool!
  2. I've only met a couple. One was a boss of mine from many years ago. He wasn't so much a hater as he was agnostic as regards Zeppelin. "I was never a fan of theirs," he once said, but he wasn't a jerk about it. Everybody's entitled to their opinion. I didn't share it, but there you have it. Then I meet this supreme jerk about a year and a half ago when I was overseas. "Led Zeppelin is the most overrated band in the history of music," were his blasphemous words. I said nothing and walked away. To be fair about it, though, his opinion of LZ was the least of his problems.
  3. Concur on your opinion of the Rover, The Rover. That is one of the most underrated (and underplayed!) songs in Zeppelin's discography. As for the RS issue....that publication hasn't exactly had the warmest relations with the band historically. I take any list they put together with several grains of salt.
  4. I've always been intrigued by the 'St. Tristan's Sword' and 'Lost In Space' tracks, if in fact they exist. As I recall reading on this forum a few years ago, the former either morphed into or became 'No Quarter' and I'm not sure about the latter. If anybody would know, SteveAJones would.
  5. KISS's earlier albums were their best work. But they were a much different band then Zeppelin, and that's an understatement. KISS was and is a mostly mainstream band. Zeppelin was progressive. What they had in common: they both lived to perform live and their fans are legion. Since they both had their heydays in the 1970s, I suppose it's not too much of a stretch to compare their respective impacts. Apples and oranges, to be sure.
  6. My take on BCC: I love the band, love the music and l love the live performances. I think they 'get it.' They are reminiscent of the hard rock bands of the early 1970s and yet they don't sound outdated; if anything, they have relevance. It would be a literal travesty if the band were to fall apart over something as seemingly trivial as not wanting to tour or not desiring to do so a decent amount of time after their third album is released. In short: you can be in a rock band or you can be in your own band, but not many people can do both. In all seriousness, I hope this resolves favorably. BCC
  7. My heart says 'yes, yes, yes!' My head say 'no.' As mentioned by others, Percy's not into it. Yeah, maybe a one-off here or there, but nothing else. I saw Robert & Jimmy together in '98 on the 'Walking Into Clarksdale' Tour and that concert consisted almost completely of Zeppelin numbers. Awesome show, as you would expect. But it wasn't Zeppelin minus two. It was Page & Plant. Nothing more, nothing less. I've seen Robert Plant twice since then: once with Allison Krauss, once with the Band of Joy, both very respectable shows. Bottom line: For us poor souls that missed the magic becau
  8. I think it was the version they did live at Earls Court '75, where Robert literally shrieks the beginning of '...everybody's been talking...' That one resonates with me. I know they interpolated 'San Francisco (Be Sure To Wear Some Flowers)' and 'Woodstock' in the middle sections on numerous occasions, but I seem to remember him once doing the lyrics to Little River Band's 'Down On The Border' in the middle of Dazed. I can't swear to that, though.
  9. If by overlooked you mean underrated, I agree with another respondent: The Rover. Also Brom-y-aur Stomp.
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