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  1. The DVD is not going to be out for a while, the the least, next month. There has to be a lot of mixing and adding DVD extras too. Unless someone has a bootleg version. But I want a professional version, with high quality sound. And yes, I pray for the DVD too. Most likely there's going to be one next year...but hopefully not next December...too long.
  2. No no no no no, I'm basically lumping the Muslims that are doing the shooting and blowing each other up, stuff. Anyway, can this end already? As I said in the last part of my last message....
  3. I'm treating them equally because all humans should be treated equally. No religion is greater then the other. Anyways, let's end this fiery discussion, but during it I calmed myself down with "Thank You" Hmmm....I feel like getting into a political argument now...and finally I got into an argument with an adult, because most of my friends are stupid idiots and don't take anything seriously...
  4. This time read ALL of the message.... I DIDN'T mean that there wouldn't be any death completely, of course theirs going to be disease and plauge, and murders and such. If people opened their minds, to THINK with each other, and realize what they are doing is really getting them nowhere, and if we all could just come together, be as one, and have no differences we could accomplish much more. BUT religion limits to what we can and can't do, what we can and can't think, what we can and can't say. Here's a GREAT example, ONE the main reason why the US is in the Middle East is to calm d
  5. Why do you ask about the Holy Wars when it was started by religious differences between the Christians and Muslims many many years ago? You believe what you want to believe, I'll believe what I want to believe, I used to be a Christian boy, and strong in the religion to, until I finally realized it's really pointless. Religion is the only thing that separates the World from uniting....and money...and different type of governments, especially money corrupt ones, but still. And it even keeps the Muslims from uniting, since they have more then one type of thing from the same religion, their fi
  6. I really don't like any religion, I think it's being ignorant to believe in a god, because your not taking other things into possibility, if the world had no religion and all opened minds, there'd be no war, barley any death, and we could accomplish much more...or maybe if the whole world had one religion, but either way...But I'm opened to the possibility that there could be a god or something like that, I just don't want to devote myself to something that limits my freedom. I say this is ridiculous matter too, I mean in Christian religion you're not supposed to take god's name in vain, bu
  7. Oh Oh! I have an idea! How bout....we all wait....until the OFFICIAL announcement to see if they all agree on touring with each other! Here's a interview with Page from not to long ago Just in case you didn't see it, or hear about it. Just thought I'd slip it in
  8. Yeah, it's pretty possible. But even if you did discover their screen name on here, what would you do? I suggest not to bother them. Because they'd probably try to avoid everybody, or just create new aliases. And yeah, I've talked to Roy Harper on Myspace.
  9. She's Leaving Home-The Beatles and when ever I listen to that song, it's like a distant cry from many years ago, and it gives me feelings of memories that I don't have.
  10. I go with "Hammer of the Gods" very interesting book, although I have to reread it, because I like get half way through, then don't read it for 4 months, then I forget, so I have to start over. Plus, I missed a lot of interesting things last time.
  11. I like Stairway, and used to love it. But it does get old, but that's probably the only Zeppelin song that I'm tired of hearing. Especially doing about 4 school concerts and playing it. But the song didn't destroy them, that's a load of bull.
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