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  1. I can't believe the way you guys are recording history. It's fabulous and thank you for doing it. x
  2. I hope to get this as a Christmas present but is it good or bad? I want hi-res sound from Zep!
  3. Yeah, someone else who's a hi-fi buff told me that. I hope it includes artwork and precious stuff that's often forgotten. A 24bit, FLAC download option would be cool too...
  4. Yeah I have that as a download. But I didn't tell you that... ;-)
  5. All the original vinyl up to Houses of the Holy. CD versions of all up to Houses of the Holy. Remasters boxed set. And the best of all, the SHM-CD Japanese 2008 Definitive Collection with the mini LPs and album art. Plus 'How the West was Won'. 'Coda' and 'Presence' are new discoveries for me apart from certain tracks obviously. Even 'Houses' is getting better! :-)
  6. Are any Zep albums available in SACD? I have many others but never seen Zep available. The sound quality is so much better.
  7. Yeah true. I went to see Muse at the BBC - again with free tickets. Just 400 in the audience! Brilliant!
  8. III for me. Playing with it now on my mini LP Jap set. :-)
  9. In no particular order... Ten Years Gone Kashmir Black Country Woman - yes, really! Down by the Seaside In My Time of Dying Night Flight In The Light Trampled Underfoot Bron-Yr-Aur Boogie with Stu
  10. Back in the day - around 1971, I applied for tickets for the BBC 'In Concert' recordings. At that time you had no idea and were never told - until you turned up - who was gonna be playing live. So it was very much luck of the draw. Anyhow I got tickets so me and a mate went to the Paris Theatre in London and queued. Rumours were aplenty, but we'd heard all kinds of rumours about all sorts of things... Well we got in and settled to watch the band. It was The Kevin Ayers Band. They were okay - entertaining. But guess who was on the following week?! How cruel was that?
  11. Absolutely agreed. But each to their own opinions. Nice first post mate!
  12. Well it isn't true. I do like them a lot. From 1-4 I played them to death, but after there are some gaps. However I've given Houses of the Holy another couple of goes and the tracks rate from 2-5 stars in my iTunes collection now. You can't expect to like every single song from a band surely?
  13. Thank you sir. I'm sure we all have similar stories about a lot of bands but Zep were such a significant part of me growing up!
  14. Hey, if you read my initial post you'll have read that I had a period where I moved away from Zep and got into Yes. This happens to coincide with the release of Houses of the Holy so I'll be honest - this was my first play. As you will know there is very little that grabs you wholeheartedly from first listen (Led Zep 2 being a notable exception in my case) so it may grow on me. There's no need to be so aggressive. I understand your fervour and I get that your a fan. But so am I. I am renewing my listening pleasure with Led Zep and discovering the albums I missed first time round. Houses of the Holy is definitely not my favourite however I will give it time. Thanks, Rich
  15. Now I know why i went off Zep! I've just listened to my 2008 Jap boxed set and the good tracks are few and far between. There are some gems but MAN they got weak. Houses of The Holy is bad. Wholly bad... Just on Presence... hoping for better.
  16. That's the one track on that album I really don't like. :-/
  17. I forgot to mention, I still have that original album, along with all the Led Zep vinyl I bought. I'll have to dig '2' out, scan the cover and use it as my avatar...
  18. Yeah, sorry about that. I guess like most forums, as new people join, similar or identical threads may crop up. It's always interesting hearing people's stories though... :-)
  19. Hi Guys, I'm a newb on this forum but a long-term Zep fan. Scouring this forum I just wondered what the demographic was like. So how and when did you get into Zep? This is my story... At the back end of 1969 I was a 14 year old schoolboy living in England. I hated school with a vengeance and I guess it was around the start of my rebellious period and also when i was getting into music in a big way. My parents weren't well off and we had no record player in the house as I was growing up. But my grandfather had left me an old reel-to-reel tape machine and I'd also rescued an old valve radio I found in the coal bunker. Those two bits of kit were to determine a large part of my life as I used to record chunks of pirate radio on tape and then splice bits together. Around the same time a few guys at school used to get fed up being locked out of school during lunch breaks - especially in cold, wet and rainy weather! So we hatched a plan to start a music society so we could bring in records and hijack a classroom with a record player for an hour or so once or twice a week. My big problem was I had no records because I had no means to play 'em! Anyway I sat in on a few sessions and really enjoyed hearing more of the stuff from artists I'd heard on Radio North Sea International and other pirates. Amongst these was Fleetwood Mac and I'd developed a love for 'Oh Well' which I believe had come out about that time. From that I began searching out other guitar-based tracks that I liked. Fast forward to Christmas 1969 and I was at an age when my relatives had no idea what to buy me for Christmas. I was too old for toys but too young to really be into clothes - not that I'd wear anything bought by uncles and aunts! So I'd get tokens for shops like Boots or Timothy Whites. They never sold anything I wanted so I'd get my Mum to use them and give me the cash. Then I'd wait for the shops to reopen - unlike now nothing opened on the day after Christmas so I had to wait what seemed like forever to go out and buy something with the cash. Anyway this year was different. I'd nagged my parents about wanting to buy records and they bought me a second-hand record player with one of those add-on amps and speaker boxes so it would play stereo. Then in amongst the Boots tokens etc I discovered I'd been given record tokens too! Imagine my impatience wanting to hotfoot it into town and a record store! That year I had enough for two albums - the first two albums I ever bought. I'd already decided to buy 'Then Play On' by Fleetwood Mac, but had no idea what else to get. Then I stumbled on the cover for Led Zeppelin 2 as I was fingering through the album covers all in their plastic covers sitting in the racks. First I loved the name. Then I loved the cover with the zeppelin and the band members all dressed in military uniform. I'd never heard any Zeppelin but the song titles engaged me. 'What Is and What Should Never Be', 'Heartbreaker', 'Ramble On' - all these titles made such promise. I handed over my tokens and rushed home with my two albums. 'Then Play On' went on first and I soon got bored. It was nothing like 'Oh Well' and I was a bit disappointed. So I put on Led Zeppelin and ogled the Atlantic record label spinning round as I dropped the stylus on the record's edge. Wow! WOW!!! I couldn't believe my ears as it opened with 'Whole Lotta Love'. I kept turning it louder and louder, then played it again and again. I'd never heard anything like it! I played the rest of the album and was so excited by my discovery. I played it all again and again. Then I recorded it and pumped up the record levels to get more distortion in the guitar parts. Man, this was the best thing I'd ever heard! When school started again in January I went in with that album under my arm. In music club we hammered it out - their stereo was better than mine! In the coming months that album went to every party, every friends house and bored every girlfriend rigid. I was besotted with it. I knew all the lyrics, had read every word on the album sleeve and record label and swore I would save the money for Led Zeppelin 1. From that moment on I have been a huge fan. I did lull a bit for a brief flirtation with Yes but I still play Led Zep 2 and it remains as fresh as it sounded then. Now I have just bought the whole limited edition 2008 Japanese SHM-CD collection - a few hundred quid but I think I qualify as a fan! I'm now waiting for the opportunity to blast it out on my hi-fi. Never mind the wife is away all weekend... :-) Cheers, Rich
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