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  1. Just received new copy of "Listen to this Eddie-Beauty and The Beast".. Not overly impressed with sound quality to be honest...Supposedly remastered from the orig Millard tapes... Anyone else care to put in their .02 if they've heard it..just curious.. -B
  2. Since I haven't seen anything about this figure I'd ask... In the book on the Super Deluxe PG who is in the pic dressed as a nun next to the Halloween party invite...?? Looks like quite the party goin on!!
  3. Super Deluxe arrived from Amazon this morning...Been sitting with me ALL day at work...Good bottle of Cab and extreme volume awaits!!!
  4. Welcome to Club Zep Zoe!!! You'll enjoy finding all kinds of stuff here...Followed da boyz for over 30yrs and I still see stuff here didnt know previously...
  5. Just received all 3 Super Deluxe from MusicDirect.com....As of yesterday they still had stk on all...Havent had a chance to open and inspect just yet...Ea is enclosed in the box that shipped from the distributor or direct from Pallas and then Music.direct enclosed all in a larger box with additional paper...
  6. I totally agree...Not to say Amazon has the exclusive on the first 30k of ea Super Deluxe but I'd be pretty confident if you preordered already you'll get a # copy... -B
  7. Ouch!!!! That hurts but oh well!!! Order Placed: March 13, 2014 Amazon.com order number: xxxxxx Order Total: $437.61 1 of: Led Zeppelin II (Super Deluxe Edition Box) (CD & LP) [Audio CD] By: Led Zeppelin Sold by: Amazon.com LLC Condition: New Amazon Prime: Two-Day Shipping is free - 1 item Gift options: None $134.75 1 of: Led Zeppelin III (Super Deluxe Edition Box) (CD & LP) [Audio CD] By: Led Zeppelin Sold by: Amazon.com LLC Condition: New Amazon Prime: T
  8. Ed A.. Thanks for the info...It was wishful thinking! Any idea if it went to an individual or museum etc? BM
  9. Dallas,,, I noticed the kit also but guess he could always but a new face on the kick...It just would be incredible if it really was...I put the question to Jason on his FB page.. Hopefully we get a response.. Cheers, B
  10. So was Jason in fact playing his dads kit?? Has anyone confirmed this??
  11. Deluxe box is on UPS out for delivery..I cant count how many times I've hit refresh because once it says "delivered" Im coming up with a Dr appt or SOMETHING to leave work
  12. Just logged into Amazon and see this!! Early XMAS!! Shipping Soon Track Package Request Cancellation shipping_soon Tracking Information: Status: Shipping Soon Latest Event: Order Received - Oct 11, 2012 12:51:46 PM Description: We've started preparing your shipment for delivery and it should leave our facility in the next few hours to a few days. We'll send you an e-mail once your order has shipped. The length of time your shipment spends in shipping soon does not impact your delivery date. D
  13. What a great site!! Being in Hosuton I cant tell you how many of those shows I was actually at!! Some great memories..and some well ya know..haha -BM
  14. Encore showingings in Houston this coming Tues!!!!
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