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  1. Yup! That's the one!! BTW wasn't Stargroves owned by Mick Jagger?? (or is my memory failing me??)
  2. Too posh for Bron for sure - and add to that the fact that Bonzo and JPJ didn't go to Bron with Pagey and Robert. There are pics/footage from Bron, but I don't recall ever having seen anything shot inside the cottage - as was the question.
  3. Right on!! It's most definitely NOT Jeff Beck
  4. I believe the first one is from Stargroves (anybody?), and since Bonzo and JPJ weren't present at Bron, the second one is ruled out
  5. I think it's the "Zoso" pendant
  6. It blows me away, how much you know Steve!
  7. So I missed everybody's birthday, being totally oblivious to the existence of this thread!! Sorry! :'( EVERYBODY
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