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  1. Yup! That's the one!! BTW wasn't Stargroves owned by Mick Jagger?? (or is my memory failing me??)
  2. Too posh for Bron for sure - and add to that the fact that Bonzo and JPJ didn't go to Bron with Pagey and Robert. There are pics/footage from Bron, but I don't recall ever having seen anything shot inside the cottage - as was the question.
  3. Right on!! It's most definitely NOT Jeff Beck
  4. I believe the first one is from Stargroves (anybody?), and since Bonzo and JPJ weren't present at Bron, the second one is ruled out
  5. I think it's the "Zoso" pendant
  6. I couldn't agree more. She toured with him in 2006. He has done a lot over the years to promote young talented musicians.
  7. Beth is truly amazing! The closest thing to Janis Joplin you can get, without Janis actually returning from her grave - and then some IMHO of course
  8. I'm from Denmark, if I can be of any help translating or explaining anything please don't hesitate to ask. Of the top of my head, and without having read any of the articles that are linked to this thread. I believe the reason for the exibition being held in Den Gamle By (The Old Town) is, that they (at the time) resently finished constructing a street from the year 1974. For those of you who don't know - Den Gamle By - is a museum. It's built like a small town, where you can walk through the streets of different historical periods. All the buildings are original houses that were taken down carefully at their original location, and rebuilt in Den Gamle By, most of the houses are also fittet with interieor to fit the historical period and original function. It's a very unique place I've been to one of Jorn Angels exibitions (bought a few Zep originals there), and it really wasn't that big a deal. He has taken some great pics, but he isn't big here at all. His exibitions and lectures are held at very small venues and are most often free of charge. Many of the artists he took pics of are Danish. Again feel free to ask if I can be of any help
  9. It blows me away, how much you know Steve!
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